Health benefits for future self

Health benefits of getting healthy now

I get a weekly email from En*theos website and this post made me think about the health benefits I am establishing for myself for the long term.  The weekly email from Brian Johnson asked the question if your 110 yr old self came to you in the present day, what would you say to yourself.

I believe the fact that I have taken the time to get healthy now with what I am eating that the health benefits for the "long term me" will be greatly improved.  I decided to put together a fun Youtube video because I love humor and having people laugh.

I can be serious about this topic but I decided to have some fun with it in a video.  I also believe my 110 yr old self would still be confident in herself and love life.  I also believe she would retire as a Weight Watchers leader but still attend meetings.

I do believe my flexibility and endurance will be optimal because I don't see myself quitting being active.  I have signed on to this as a lifestyle change.  I will continue to establish new goals to challenge myself and learn new things.

I do believe if my 110 year old self came to me from the future that she would say thanks for getting healthy now.  My grandma once said she was thankful that she is able to walk on her own because she has kept active.  Last year, she became grateful for health and wellness when she had to be in a rehabilitation home for one month due to sickness.

She said she saw how some people were in wheel chairs and not able to feed themselves.  My grandma is 90 yrs old and just uses a cane to walk around the house.  She uses a walker for outside.  She hasn't needed hip surgery.

My grandma is just now slowing down, but still goes to church and craft nights with the ladies.  I would love to be as active as she is and mentally alert as she is.  She recently became a Weight Watchers' Lifetime Member because she got to her doctor agreed goal weight.

Her medication needed to be decreased and she breaths better since losing 55 lbs.  I am so proud of her and I see how the losing weight has improved her health benefits.

my dad and grandma

my dad and grandma

My Dad decided to join Weight Watchers too and has been reporting to me on his progress.  I cheer him on because it's not an easy task especially since he hates veggies.

What would your 110 year old self say to you in the present day?  Would they be concerned or thankful?

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