Healthy Habits 5 week Challenge Winner: Mariana

Healthy Habits 5 week Challenge Winner: Mariana
Healthy Habits Winner: Mariana

Healthy Habits

Winner: Mariana!

My first Healthy Habits Challenge started February 10 and went until March 16, 2013.  I had 42 people sign up for the challenge and 25 people held on strong until the end.  I was so proud of all the challengers and felt everyone was a winner cause they took the time to establish healthy habits.  Since it was a challenge only one person could win the grand prize but two others were in second and third place.

Mariana was in first, Jessica was second and Georgia was third.

Healthy Habits winner interview with Mariana

Healthy Habits winner interview with Mariana

Mariana first heard about the Healthy Habits 5 week Challenge from Brooke not on a Diet blog and she had been in Weight Watchers since November 2012, so she figured she would join cause it was everything she was already doing.  I had the privilege to meet Mariana face to face to interview her and give her the grand prize for being the winner of the Healthy Habits Challenge.

The prize was a pampering kit (warming neck wrap, body butter, body soap, and a cute bag to keep them in) since she worked so hard during the 5 weeks.  She shared with me that she started her blog and her facebook fan page when she started Weight Watchers.  Her blog is titled: Project Unfluff: Fluffy Today Fantastic Tomorrow and her facebook fan page Project Unfluff.

When she did the Healthy Habits Challenge, she would post some very inspiring daily affirmations.  Posting daily affirmations was a requirement of the challenge and a closed facebook group was established for challengers to feel comfortable to do so.

Healthy Habits Daily Affirmation

Healthy Habits Daily Affirmation

Her insights have been motivational and helpful to many challengers. I feel honored that I had the opportunity to meet with her.  Mariana shared that she was surprised with her own motivation because she never started.

She said that she was active in high school but her diet never matched her activity.  In the interview, she said her life was busy with school and marriage which made her plate full.  In November 2012, her life calmed down and her daughter was 2 years old.

She wanted to get healthy for her daughter.  I can relate to this because of my son.  Mariana said in the past, "Everything I put in my mouth, stayed on my body."

We discussed how getting older plays a factor to how your body gains and loses weight.  She shared that her husband is supportive of her efforts and was in Weight Watchers too but stopped.  They do Fresh 20 meal plans together and he cooks.  She now has noticed that she craves fresh fruits and veggies.

In the past she would eat out a lot or pack a ham and cheese sandwich with chips, but still be hungry.  Now she stays full longer.  She likes to be prepared by packing bags of fruit or veggies.

She says she has learned to listen to her body for cravings.  When I met with her on a Saturday, she was excited to be meeting with a friend fro Indian food and that was a treat she was looking forward to.  Mariana stated she liked how the Healthy Habits Challenge had mini challenges to accomplish and got her back to tracking again with Weight Watchers.

She also shared that she signed up for the Color Run 5K in June and another 5K in September.  She has a gym membership and has done Jullian Micheals 30 day Shred.  She excited to do the couch to 5K app on her phone to train for the upcoming events.

Mariana has shared that she has lost 21.6 lbs since joining WW. She wants to get to a healthy weight and has plans to have another child down the line.  She was a great and inspiring woman to interview and talk to.  I'm excited that she joined my Healthy Habits 3 month Challenge too.

I know she will continue to inspire others and me as well.  A fantastic job well done.  Keep it up Mariana!!!  I know you can do it.

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