Healthy Habits 3 month Challenge

Healthy Habits 3 month Challenge

Healthy Habits Challenge

With outstanding response from past Healthy Habits Challengers, I decided to offer a 3 month Healthy Habits Challenge that will start on March 31 and go until June 22.  You'll be able to have the support from others to establish Healthy Habits and look fabulous in time for Summer.  Your doctor may even do a dance because your healthier.  The top three challengers will have a chance to win a prize from Gwynspiration.  The 5 week challenge of Healthy Habits started with 42 participants and 23 people stayed on until the finish.  Here are their testimonies to the 5 week Healthy Habits Challenge:










Tracking/journaling foods(10pts daily) :

In order to form healthy habits you have to practice them.  The most important healthy habit to start on a solid lifesyle change is tracking or  journaling your foods.  I personally use Weight Watchers' tracker.  I know there are free apps for I-phone or Smartphone users.  I have heard of the free site My Fitness Pal and Spark People.

Lose weight or maintain weekly (15pt weekly): Of course you hope to lose weight each week but maintaining is sure not gaining.

Eat 5-6 Servings of Fruit/ Veggie daily (10pts daily): try new recipes to get in all your servings of fruit and veggies and to keep things interesting.  Try to have a balance.  Eating too many fruits will add up your sugar count.

Say positive daily affirmation and post as a reminder (5pts daily): having a positive frame of mind through out the day will help you to exceed your goals.

64oz Water (5pts Daily) over 64 oz of water (10 pts daily): Water is essential and important to support weight loss.  1 cup of water = 8 fl oz of water.

Participate in the Mini Challenge (25 pts weekly):

Week 1 (March 31-April 6): plan your weekly menu and shopping list (post one day on Gwynspiration group)

Week 2 (April 7-13: Swap recipes by posting at least 3 different ones on Gwynspiration Group.  Try at least 2 different recipes for the week

Week 3 (April 14-20): Pack a healthy snack each day this week

Week 4 (April 21-27): Pre-prep your fruits, veggies, meats for the week (cut, portion, cook if needed)

Week 5 (April 28- May 4): Try a new workout routine this week (group fitness, DVD, Gym)

Week 6 (May 5-11): Write out your short and long term goals.  Share at least one on the Gwynspiration group

Week 7 (May 12-18): Burn 2000 calories this week with activity/exercise

Week 8 (May 19-25): Plan one indulging meal that you have been staying away from

Week 9 (May 26- June 1): Plan “me” time not with food (ideas: read a book, pedicure, bubble bath)

Week 10 (June 2- 8): Participate in Meatless Monday

Week 11 (June 9-15): Squats Challenge-50 squats daily (can be spread out through out the day

Week 12 (June 16-22): try a new food (fruit, veggie, health food you heard about) that you never tried and post what you thought of it

20 mins of activity every day (20 pts daily)
*Challenge edge: add 5 pts for every 10 minutes over  (105 pts max added per week):
You have to start some where and small goals are wise when your first starting out.  If your already in the habit of working out then this part will be simple for you.

The chart I developed helps you keep track of these items and points.  Possible weekly points of 520

Here is the link to the google document for the chart.


Please join the Gwynspiration Healthy Habits Challenge so we can learn from and cheer each other on.  You have until Saturday, March 30 at 6pm Central time to email me at if you want to join.  You then will be given an invite to our closed Facebook Support Group.  Please tell your friends, neighbors, and co-workers about this challenge.  I'm excited to get this going and hope you decide to join us.

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