Habit Change: Fast Food To Healthy Snacks

Habit Change: Fast Food To Healthy Snacks
Habit Change: worked out and grabbed apple instead of junk food

Habit Change

I realized I had a habit change an it has become second nature to me now.  I had to tell different people on Sunday about this fact because I was excited.  I didn't even take a second thought about this habit change until I was cleaning out my car.  First let me rewind, in December I shared that I was a recovering fast food addict and learning new coping skills had been a challenge for me.

I use to have my car cluttered up with fast food bags.  I would stuff them under my seat cause I didn't want my husband to see how much I was eating out.  I also was in denial cause I would say to myself, "I really need to clean my car but I'm so stressed."  This statement was a way I would rationalize the over abundance of fast food bags in my car.

If I didn't acknowledge it, then it wasn't true or a fact.  Now back to my habit change breakthrough, I was cleaning my car and I found about 15 fruit stickers on the floor of my car.  This can mean two thngs; I don't keep a clean car and I ate alot of apples.

Cleaning Car:

I didn't think much to this fact but when I found 20 empty water bottles under my car seats, it came clear to me that I had a remarkable habit change. This habit change has become second nature to me and it didn't happen over night.  I had to pack a healthy snack each time I knew I was going in the car so I would avoid the fast food places.  If I find myself without a snack in my car, I will buy a banana at the gas station.

I feel in control and on target in my healthy lifestyle.  I do admit that I need to change the habit of littering up my car with garbage and take the time to pick up after each trip.  One thing at a time.  I have read that in studies on habits that it takes 21 days to develop a new habit.

Check out this blog link about a book that David Kirchoff (CEO of Weight Watchers) likes about changing habits.  http://manmeetsscale.com/2012/06/10/books-that-i-love-power-of-habit/  I challenge you to pick one habit to change and use your calendar on your phone to track when you accomplish that task.  If you need help with changing the way you eat, you may want to consider joining my Healthy Habits 3 month Challenge.

There are 62 people in the closed Facebook support group that will be doing the 3 month challenge so far.  If the list of healthy habits looks overwhelming to you, I suggest you pick one or two tasks to focus on.  Our group will support you along the way.  No one should feel alone with making these lifestlye changes.

When you feel the support then your more likely to succeed in your goals.  I would love to hear from you.  Don't delay cause Saturday evening, March 30 is the last day to sign up.  The challenge starts Sunday, March 31. join me on my Facebook Fan page http://www.facebook.com/gwynspiration or on twitter https://twitter.com/smileygwyn
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