Weight Watchers' One Amazing Day Celebration 1/12/13

Weight Watchers' One Amazing Day Celebration 1/12/13
I got flowers for being on success panel for Weight Watchers' event.

Weight Watchers' One Amazing Day

Weight Watchers' (WW) celebrated their 50th anniversary on Saturday, January 12,2013 at different select sites.  They named th event "One Amazing Day".  My local WW meeting asked me to be on the weight loss success panel for the event.  I was honored that they wanted me to tell my story even though I was not done losing weight.  I was informed another person will join me on the success panel and I will have 10 minutes to talk.  Then people would be able to ask questions.  The day of the event, I weighed in at my WW meeting and attended the meeting.  The anticipation of the event was exciting and I couldn't wait for the time to tick on by to tell my story.  I had two other friends in different towns/states that would be sharing their story too.  We sent tweets and Facebook love to each other that day.  I invited as many people I could because I wanted others to join in on the fun.  My husband, brother, and friend joined me on the car ride to the WW site in Cresthill, IL.

I wore a new purple dress that I purchased the week before at Ross.  size 12

I felt beautiful.  I'm amazed how a dress can empower you to say to yourself, "Yes I am beautiful and I can accomplish anything".  I also had the same feeling when I put on heels.  Having less weight to carry around sure makes walking in heels fun and comfortable.  I have a new confidence in myself and people around me notice that.

Side note: In the middle of the week, I got an email to wear all black for the event.  I requested if I could still wear my purple dress because I already purchased it.  I was given the AOK.  I didn't understand having to wear black when I felt vibrate and excited about my new body and weight loss.  I wanted it to be One Amazing Day!  I told my friends that I wasn't going to a funeral and this was a happy event that I wanted to celebrate at.  Even if I didn't get the approval, I would have wore my purple dress anyways.

 One Amazing Day Event Activities

Weight Watchers' Center in Cresthill, Illinois had different stations you can find more about the program with hands on activities.  One station was finding out about ActiveLink (activity monitor).  Another station had getting your measurements recorded for chest, arm, waist, hips, and thighs, if you wanted.  Last station had a chance for you to put together  your own trail mix and use their electronic scale to figure out the Points Plus.  I had never used their electronic scale, so I had fun playing with the scale.  The scale has a built in database and you can add your own foods for a one button option.  They had tables with healthy snacks to choose from, sign up for a raffle, and a table display of the 50 years of Weight Watchers.

One Amazing Day Success Panel

I sat among 4 other women.  They put us in order by how much weight we had lost.  I was second in the row.  The lady at the very end lost over 200 lbs.  Totaling all our losses, we had lost over 600 lbs.  I was the youngest sitting on the panel and the only one not a lifetime member yet.  The age range was all the way up to 80 years old.  One lady had been a lifetime member for 13 years.  That in itself is amazing to me.  That is an awesome accomplishment.  I can see myself saying the same thing in the future because I am in this journey for a lifetime.  Everyone on the panel emphasized the importance of going to Weight Watchers' meetings even after you make goal so you can get new ideas and stay accountable.  They also talked about the importance of tracking your foods and exercise daily. One lady said she only walks for exercise and she completes around 8 miles per day. The ladies among me talked about how it is getting harder to exercise with joints and bones hurting but they still do it because they see the benefits of it.  I brought a sack of visual aids since I'm a visual learner.  When people would ask a question, I would think what I had in my bag to show people.  I managed to show majority of my visual aids.  I consider these visual aids as my success toolbox.

My success toolbox

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I was able to tell them I had lost 87.8 lbs in one year.  I got teary eyed when I talked about where I use to be with not able to fit in a restaurant booth, being out of breath tying my shoes, and told I would not be successful to get pregnant cause of my weight.  I talked about me being a fast food addict and how that impacted my weight gain and how Weight Watchers has changed that.  I showed them how I am an opportunist for movement by using the playground as my workout place while my son would play.  I told everyone that my Facebook status updates and blog posts keep me motivated to continue on.  I talked about a healthy waistline that David Kirchoff points out in his book and how your chances of getting heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc are greatly decreased when women's waistline are under 35 inches and 40 inches for men.  I also said I enjoy helping others because everyone is worth getting healthy and if we can all be healthy together that would be a full life.

I loved this event and feel it was monumental in my journey.  I wished they had these events once a month because hearing from others and what they have done, is empowering.  Thanks Weight Watchers in Cresthill, Illinois for letting me tell my story and celebrating with you all.  I will "Expect Amazing" this year because life is amazing.  It was One Amazing Day for sure!

My friend Karen and I

My friend Karen and I

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