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I never thought I would be posting about 5K training but this year I have big goals I want to accomplish. I'm excited to announce that I have registered for a 5K in April and I want to run the whole time. I have done a couple of 5Ks but I would walk the event. I don't consider myself a runner and I recall dreading the mile test in P.E. class. I was usually the last person crossing the finish line cause I walked the entire time. Since I have gotten in shape and weigh less, I want to challenge myself by trying new things. My friend said to me on twitter, start training. I asked some people on twitter if there was a training program for 5ks and I found out about different apps avalible. I want to be prepared for the 5K and I'm excited about my 5K training plan.

Friday I started a 5K training for it with an app I downloaded into my smartphone. The app is from Active.com called couch to 5K. The word couch is not true to me because I workout 5 days a week, but I wanted something to guide me and help me stay focused. I'm super excited and committed to this event cause I am paid in full. I have another friend that is registered and we will run together. It's exciting to have friends join you on a goal that I never thought I would have. I'm so pumped about this goal that I even trained on Sunday this week. I never go to my fitness club on the weekends because I spend time with my family. Sunday morning, I posted on Twitter that I was planning on training that day. I stuck to my plan and felt so accomplished. The program on my phone will tell me to walk and then jog every minute. Today, I increased my running time because when the program said to brisk walk, but I continued running. I feel so proud of myself. I even posted my progress on Facebook. I figured the more people that know my goal than the better I will do with sticking to it.

I searched YouTube and found this awesome video on 5K training tips for beginners. I figured I would share it. Check it out.

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