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A religious movement: 19 new blogs join ChicagoNow

Our newest round of blogs includes two new ones whose focus is religion, which is a topic many ChicagoNow bloggers have written about often but remarkably one for which we had not yet created its own category. So with the launch of An Agnostic in Wheaton and Midwestern Muslim to join Being Catholic…Really it was... Read more »

Introducing 10 new ChicagoNow blogs

There’s a little bit of everything here as we kickoff 2012 with 10 new blogs. Some of the blogs moved over from their old sites, some are pure newbies and some are written by longtime ChicagoNow bloggers who wanted to expand into new areas. Check them out, say hello and enjoy the video clip below... Read more »

December's new blogs on ChicagoNow

There are still a couple days left so there may be some late additions, but for now here are the newest additions to the ChicagoNow community. Each of these blogs published their first post in December. Take a moment to check them out, and if you’d like to be part of this list in January... Read more »