20 most-viewed ChicagoNow posts: Nov. 5-11

1. Offhanded Dribble - An Open Letter to Republicans: Your Country isn't Coming Back
2. Baby Sideburns - Caillou sucks so bad, here’s another blog about why I hate him
3. A Daily Miracle - Homosexuality, Marijuana & Obama: is America going to burn in hell?
4. Good and Bad Parents - Is your kid a racist and are you ok with that?
5. An Agnostic in Wheaton - Why we need an atheist President
6. I Hate My Developer - Who Are YOU To Judge My Blackness?
7. Cubs Den - Cubs Den Staff Predictions: Who will the Cubs add for 2013?
8. High Gloss and Sauce - Obama second term: Gun control
9. Eye Tunes - Election Night live in Chicago, IL on November 4, 2012
10. Listing Toward Forty - Video of Voting Machine Altering Votes. How to Report Voting Fraud.
11. As I See It - NFL Power Rankings: Week 10
12. Portrait of an Adoption - Aren’t you a little short for a Stormtrooper? Star Wars fans worldwide join to build a Halloween costume for one lucky little girl.
13. Cubs Den - Cubs Rumors Thread: Getting creative with SP needs
14. Listing Toward Forty - Are You SURE You Are Registered to Vote?
15. The Mayor Daily - Foreign Affair: General Petraeus Out as CIA Director After Sex Scandal
16. Clean Convenient Cuisine - Best and Worst: Top 10 Most Inflammatory and Anti-Inflammatory Foods!
17. Chicago Sports Media Watch - CBS 2's Megan Glaros former NFL Cheerleader
18. Cubs Den - Cubs Rumors: GM Meetings start today
19. Moms Who Drink And Swear - Got election day jitters? Some things YOU can do while patiently waiting to see if your guy wins
20. Moms Who Drink And Swear - Good Housekeeping gets it right: A seal of approval from a gal who knows she's good enough

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