20 most-viewed ChicagoNow posts: Oct. 8-14

1. Public Affairs with Jeff Berkowitz - The top ten reasons why Paul Ryan won the 2012 VP debate.
2. The Mayor Daily - Why Snoop Dogg isn't Voting for Romney: A Fact Check
3. Wendy @ Families in the Loop - Crude and Offensive: Chicago Interactive Social Club holds "Sexy Little Devils" contest for women"
4. Cubs Den - Dave Magadan would be a great fit for the Cubs
5. Chicago Quirk - The most haunted hotel in Chicago
6. Mary Tyler Mom - Governor Romney, Hope Matters
7. The White Rhino: A Chicago Latino English Teacher - If You Teach or Write 5-Paragraph Essays--Stop It!
8. Clean Convenient Cuisine - Best and Worst: Top 10 Most Inflammatory and Anti-Inflammatory Foods!
9. CTA Tattler - How do you engage in "profiling" behavior while riding the CTA?
10. Chicago Sports Media Watch - Score Producer/Host Jason Goff accepts new hosting gig in Atlanta
11. Chicagoland Outdoors - Dead Birds Are On the Rise in Chicago, But Why?
12. A Daily Miracle - Are Mumford & Sons "Christian?"
13. Geek Girl Chicago - Dos and Don'ts for Geeky Halloween Costumes
14. When You Put It That Way - Jessica Ridgeway and the fear for all our children
15. Taking A Second Look - Two Things We Aren't Allowed To Be In America: Fat And Dead
16. Janet Dahl, et. al - Two roads diverged...
17. Chewables Chicago - Chicago Marathon: A View from the Gatorade Lines
18. White Sox Observer - Another troubling update from old friend John Danks
19. Tween Us - Jessica Ridgeway's disappearance will impact how my tween gets to elementary school
20. Daily Chicago Sports Tab - 2013 NFL Mock Draft - First Attempt

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