20 most-viewed ChicagoNow posts - July 23-29

1. Show Me Chicago - Chicago's Summer 2012: Festivals and Events Calendar.
2. Cheaper Than Therapy - Women's Olympic Volleyball Team poses nude: Classy or Tacky?
3. Good and Bad Parents - Colorado Shooting Reveals The Nominee For Worst Father Of The Year
4. Wendy @ Families in the Loop - Chick-fil-A & Gays: Why a Boycott Won't Do a Lick of Good
5. Exiled Believer - Chick-fil-A: Christian values or no, Dan Cathy needs to go as CEO.
6. Cubs Den - Watch Jorge Soler's first HR as a Cub
7. Ms. Crankypants and the City - Chick-Fil-A loses out
8. An Agnostic in Wheaton - Colorado movie theater massacre – an atheist perspective
9. Chicago Bulls Confidential - What is the 2014 plan?
10. Being Catholic Really - Will You Eat at Chick-fil-A Today?
11. Mary Tyler Mom - Oh, No She Didn't: When the Babysitter Gets It Wrong
12. Moms Who Drink and Swear - Talking about boobs and babies with eight year old girls
13. Chicago Sports Unlimited - Potential bold moves Sox GM Williams could make
14. Good and Bad Parents - 5 Reasons why parents should not bring their kids (ages 7 & under) to late night movies
15. Becoming Nikki Lynette - An Open Letter to My Peeping Tom
16. Wendy @ Families In The Loop - Posing Nude: A Sad Day For Female Athletes Everywhere, Courtesy of ESPN
17. The Queer Guy Tells It Straight - Gay Eagle Scouts to Open Chick-Fil-A in Topeka, KS
18. Chicago Bears Huddle - Bears look to put Lions in their place
19. Cubs Den - Cubs acquire RHP Randall Delgado for Ryan Dempster. Maybe.
20. Show Me Chicago - Chicago Summer Events and Festivals July 26 to July 29, 2012: From Taste of Lincoln Avenue to the Newberry Library Book Fair.

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