ChicagoNow's Best Posts of March, 2012

Each month, ChicagoNow asks its bloggers to submit one of their own posts and one from another blogger to select the best posts of the month. Here are the top 10 posts followed by our choices for the best of the best.

The Bad Diabetic: Diabetes: The bright side
Chicago's Real Law Blog: The Dumbest Law in Illinois
Collecting Chicago: A Chicago Bucket List: 25 Things to Do In Chicago Beyond the Touristy Stuff
Cook's County: Urban Stories of Food and Life: Sharing the Table: A Grade School Black History Month Celebration
Da Bears Blog: Ten Thoughts on Matt Forte's Bitchy Tweet
High Gloss and Sauce: How to make a three-year-old behave
The Job Stalker: Busting Myths About Freelancing
Just Getting Started: I Am George Zimmerman
Mary Tyler Mom: Live Organ Donation: A Tale of Two Kidneys
Running With A Book Cart: Grief

Third place: Just Getting Started: I Am George Zimmerman
Why: It was very well-written, highly topical, held a strong opinion and instead of declaring a side "right" or "wrong" examined how the public's outrage has been a huge part of this story.

Second place: Da Bears Blog: Ten Thoughts on Matt Forte's Bitchy Tweet
Why: Jeff is an unapologetic and vocal Bears fan, and more often than not is a big Matt Forte fan. But in this case, he reacted to the news of the day with a fantastic headline and a very thorough takedown of Forte and his "bitchy tweet."

First place: Running With A Book Cart: Grief
Why: Holly's post about a father who disowned her and the ramifications of that act on her life as well as those of her siblings was very honest and raw. And what's more, it was ongoing. This wasn't a post that had a nice, tidy ending so Holly's decision to write about it was that much more courageous.


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  • I loved Holly's post too. Good work all around! *takes a curtsey*

  • Mad love to all my blogger friends, and for those anonymous people who nominated me <3 And congrats to everyone!

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