20 most-viewed ChicagoNow posts: April 23-27

(Through 4 p.m. on Friday, April 27)

1. Getting Real - Should You Hire A Hot Real Estate Agent?
2. Moms Who Drink and Swear - Quality time, Soft Kitty, Jesus and Whores
3. Ups and Downs of a Yoga Mom - Five Reasons Others Think I am a Bad Mom
4. Goint For Gusto - 100 foods to eat before you die ... and where to find them in Chicago: Eel to Frogs' Legs
5. Stop and Blog the Roses - Wedding Season: 14 Breakable Wedding Traditions
6. CTA Tattler - Stroller wars continue on CTA
7. Katalin Health & Fitness Driven - 7 yoga poses for the office to eliminate pain & stress
8. Good and Bad Parents - Hey Ladies, Birth Control Is Not An Option, It's A Requirement
9. Moms Who Drink and Swear - Morons and coffee
10. Chicago Bulls Confidential - Will the Knicks and 76ers have a tank battle over Chicago?
11. Music Mom - How to Pronounce Gotye (and Other Useful Information)
12. Da Bears Blog - Draft Day Koozie Giveaway!
13. Da Bears Blog - Bears Trading for Osi Umenyiora Would Be Brilliant Move for 2012
14. Cubs Den - Cubs could target June for phase 2 of rebuilding
15. Da Bears Blog - Notion that Emery Must Target Starter at #19 is Poppycock
16. Cheaper Than Therapy - Mom Punishes Daughter on Facebook: Mom misses the memo on how to use Facebook
17. Show Me Chicago - Ten Hottest Tickets for Ravinia Festival 2012: Santana, Train and More.
18. Daily Chicago Sports Tab - Chicago Blackhawks: Grading Stan Bowman’s Free Agent Moves
19. Chicago Bulls Confidential - Pending health, the Bulls are the favorite
20. Cubs Den - Looking at Tampa's possible interest in Soto

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