20 most-viewed ChicagoNow posts: April 16-20

(Through midnight on Friday, April 20)

1. Moms Who Drink and Swear - Not going to monkey around down there
2. Lists That Actually Matter - 7 Things I Find Attractive in Women now that I'm 30
3. Lists That Actually Matter - Five Things You're Entirely Too Proud of Yourself for Doing
4. Offhanded Dribble - An open letter to Ted Nugent, the true "Anti-American Monster"
5. Cheaper Than Therapy - The feeding tube diet: Brides lose 10 pounds as well as their minds
6. Homeward Bound - Chicago - Video tours of Chicago's highest-priced homes
7. Music Mom - How to Pronounce Gotye (and Other Useful Information)
8. Pimps, Preachers and Politicians - Things we think but do not say about race: It’s not a blog, it’s a mission statement.
9. Moms Who Drink and Swear - Theory of mind
10. A City Mom - Publishers Weekly seems to relish scathing reviews of self-published books
11. Becoming Nikki Lynette - KONY 2012: The movement that NONE OF US can afford to ignore anymore
12. Ex Posts Facto (ExP) - Why You Should Expect the Very Best TODAY
13. Neil Funkmaster Flex - Derrick Rose's GQ Interview: Hey Chicago, Back the #$%@ off.
14. Cubs Den - Cubs draft preview: April edition
15. Moms Who Drink and Swear - Please, no periodics at the table
16. Show Me Chicago - Chicago's Summer 2012: Festivals and Events Calendar.
17. Mary Tyler Mom - Oreos v. Breasts: Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk
18. Cubs Den - The Matt Garza Effect: How former and would-be Cubs prospects are faring
19. District 299: The Inside Scoop on CPS - Strike Vote Realistic?
20. Chicago Bulls Confidential - Can Chicago really win the NBA title this season?

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