20 most-viewed ChicagoNow posts - Week of Feb. 27-March 2

There's a lot of sports in the second tier, that's fairly typical especially with the Cubs getting started in spring training, the Bulls in full swing and the Bears getting closer to the NFL draft.

If you look at the top 10, however, you'll see nearly every post has a very searchable term in them. "Michael Jordan's House," "Snooki," "Richard Dawkins," and "Oscars" to name a few. Headlines matter, folks.

(Through 4 p.m. on Friday)

1. Getting Real - Michael Jordan's House Is For Sale - You Can Own It For $29 Million
2. When You Put It That Way - Snooki is pregnant and Davy Jones has died. So sad on both counts.
3. The Male Perspective - Love STINKS: Things Couples Do that Make Singles Cringe
4. Offhanded Dribble - Things LeBron James does that Derrick Rose would never do
5. Parenting Without A Parachute - I Would Like to Advise Jessica Simpson on Recent Advancements in Maternity Wear
6. An Agnostic In Wheaton -Richard Dawkins Converts to Agnosticism
7. Janet Dahl Et Al - Rush Limbaugh and his ilk
8. When You Put It That Way - Billy Crystal's blackface controversy: Puhleeeease
9. Pimps, Preachers and Politicians - Why the Oscars needed Viola Davis more than Viola Davis needed an Oscar
10. High Gloss and Sauce - Ohio school shooting: Time to ban handguns, guys
11. Cubs Den - Our Top 10 Most Valuable Cubs
12. Bullsville - NBA All-Star Game: Box Score and Post-Game Notes
13. Chicago Bears Extra - With 8 Picks, The Bears Should Do Well In The Draft
14. Chicago Bulls Confidential -Chicago Bulls don't belong at the all-star game
15. Moms Who Drink and Swear - Scary and sweary mommies
16. Cubs Den - The Cubs and their new state of the art information systems
17. Easy As Riding A Bike - One Celebrity (and 1,099 others) Killed by Heart Attack Yesterday
18. Da Bears Blog - Floyd Could Provide Bears With First Electric Receiver Since Willie Gault
19. ArkieLad - Saying goodbye to bad friends...
20. Cubs Den - How the new CBA International rules will impact the Cubs

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