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20 most-viewed ChicagoNow posts: March 19-23

(Through 4:30 p.m., Friday) 1. Becoming Nikki Lynette – An open letter to George Zimmerman: Why I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt 2. Lists That Actually Matter – 10 Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgeries/ Botox Jobs 3. Da Bears Blog – Ranking the Remaining “Needs” in Chicago 4. Six Brown Chicks – 5 Tell-Tale... Read more »

20 most-viewed ChicagoNow posts - Week of March 12-16

In case you’re wondering how a post about St. Bonaventure men’s basketball became the most-viewed post this week, here’s why. John “Chicago Tough” Dooley adopted the Bonnies as his tourney team and their fans kind of went with it. Too bad they lost today in the first round, eh John? And how did that Lists... Read more »

20 most-viewed ChicagoNow posts - Week of March 5-9

Interesting week. Five of the top 20 posts were about the KONY 2012 news story due to heavy searching for information on the topic. One of the posts, the one from ChiU, was written back in December. Another post, Lists That Actually Matter’s post on celebrity plastic surgeries, was written nearly a year ago. Apparently,... Read more »

ChicagoNow's Best Posts of February, 2012

Seems I say this every month but February was exceptional. It pains me to leave out so many great nominees but this isn’t Little League, not everyone gets to go home with a trophy. Hope you enjoy these excellent posts from these wonderful bloggers, and if you do please make their blogs a part of... Read more »

20 most-viewed ChicagoNow posts - Week of Feb. 27-March 2

There’s a lot of sports in the second tier, that’s fairly typical especially with the Cubs getting started in spring training, the Bulls in full swing and the Bears getting closer to the NFL draft. If you look at the top 10, however, you’ll see nearly every post has a very searchable term in them.... Read more »