A religious movement: 19 new blogs join ChicagoNow

Our newest round of blogs includes two new ones whose focus is religion, which is a topic many ChicagoNow bloggers have written about often but remarkably one for which we had not yet created its own category.

So with the launch of An Agnostic in Wheaton and Midwestern Muslim to join Being Catholic...Really it was not only appropriate but necessary to give Religion its own category.

Give the new blogs a shot, some of them are just up with one post but most are off and running and already making their presence known throughout ChicagoNow and Chicago's blogosphere.

If you'd like to be part of February's blog launches take a look at our informational post, or just send us a pitch.

ChicagoNow's New Blogs
An Agnostic in Wheaton
And They Called It Pork
Blackhawks O'Clock
Chicago Libertarian
Chicagoland College Baseball Talk
Chicago's Strange and Haunted History
Chi-Town Nightlife
Combating Obesity in Chicago with BarBeQue Man
From Overalls to Stilettos
The Good Life
Make No Little Plans
Midwestern Muslim
Picks & Ponderings on Chicago Horse Racing
Punto EGF
Randomly On Purpose
Red & Company
Ryan's Gay Chicago
Second City Sports Guy
Sports Corner

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