Ferris Bueller commercial: Bueller? Bueller? Sellout? Sellout?

At best, this is mildly amusing. At worst, it's a craptastic commercialization of one of my generation's most beloved movie characters.

At least now we can be assured a sequel will never be made to find out whatever happened to Ferris. We now know he sold out.

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  • No Wrigley, no "hey batta batta batta batta swiiing!", no love from me, but I do like the Honda CR-V.

    He did sell out however, and in the most atrocious fashion imaginable. I feel like I should clean myself by watching the actual film over again.

  • In reply to Curtis Shaw Flagg:

    When Curtis was in Egypt's land ... let my Curtis goooooo.

  • Apparently, your kids never forced you to watch Inspector Gadget...

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