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Ferris Bueller commercial: Bueller? Bueller? Sellout? Sellout?

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At best, this is mildly amusing. At worst, it’s a craptastic commercialization of one of my generation’s most beloved movie characters. At least now we can be assured a sequel will never be made to find out whatever happened to Ferris. We now know he sold out.

Introducing 10 new ChicagoNow blogs

There’s a little bit of everything here as we kickoff 2012 with 10 new blogs. Some of the blogs moved over from their old sites, some are pure newbies and some are written by longtime ChicagoNow bloggers who wanted to expand into new areas. Check them out, say hello and enjoy the video clip below... Read more »


Testing HTML
Anytime a paragraph break is used it turns text into italics.

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Andrew Shaw and Buck Weaver: Separated at birth?

Blackhawks rookie Andrew Shaw is fast becoming a fan favorite, he’s gritty, tough and he’s proving he can score a bit. He’s got a bit of old-time hockey in him. And he’s also got a bit of old-timer Buck Weaver in him. That’s disgraced “Black Sox” third baseman Buck Weaver on the left. Isn’t the... Read more »

ChicagoNow's Best Posts of December

This is the fifth month we’ve held a “Best Post” contest on ChicagoNow and it was easily the most difficult to pick from the many submissions. The bloggers can submit one of their own and one from another blogger, that’s been the best way for everyone to acknowledge their own work as well as that... Read more »