ChicagoNow's Best Posts of November

Before getting to the top posts I wanted to point out a pretty extraordinary series that appeared on ChicagoNow in November. Carrie "Portraits of an Adoption" Goldman, an adoptive mom, spent the Fall soliciting posts from dozens of people who have been touched by adoption and in November shared them on her blog.

The result: 30 Adoption Portraits in 30 Days

Each day, without exception, a new post went up. And the result was a kaleidoscope of experiences and viewpoints that opened my eyes and caused them to shed a few tears. I encourage you to take a look at the whole series, which is archived in its entirety right here.

I'm very proud of the work done on ChicagoNow in November, Carrie's series along with the top 10 posts are a strong reflection of the outstanding bloggers and writers we have within our community. Congratulations to those selected and thanks for another tremendous month.

Here's the criteria that went into making the picks:

"We will look at the quality of headline, quality of content, quality of writing, overall creativity and presentation. We will not consider how much traffic a post has received, reader comments, your responses to reader comments or the number of Facebook "likes" or times a post is sent out on Twitter."

Chain Links: 12 Gifts of Christmas
Chicago Bears Huddle: Reviewing "Sweetness: The Enigmatic Life of Walter Payton"
Cook's County: Urban Stories of Food and Life: How to cook a perfect turkey. Or maybe not.
Eye on Chi: Sensible perspectives on the Penn State rapes
Getting Real: Would You Pay $9.9 Million For This 980 Square Foot Home?
Hammervision: 9 Simple Rules For Taking Your Toddler To The Movies
It's Never Just Black and White: I'm A White Man And My Child Will Be Black
Portrait of an Adoption: A Cast-Aside Child Comes Home
South Side Sports Chick: The Silence of Collusion is Deafening: Penn State Scandal, Part II
Spread Far the Fame: Joe Paterno and the myth of the university

Third place: Portrait of an Adoption: A Cast-Aside Child Comes Home
Why: There were several nominations from this series but this one stood out for the superb writing and the way Alice told her story by sharing the journey with her daughter from beginning to present day.

Second place: Chain Links: 12 Gifts of Christmas
Why: What I loved about this post was it was not only so positive and so well-written but the 12 acts of giving she proposed were small acts of love and kindness. And all are very doable. Perhaps that's why so far nearly 700 people have committed to participating in her project. Trista has created a Facebook event to help get more people involved, please considering doing this yourself.

First place: South Side Sports Chick: The Silence of Collusion is Deafening: Penn State Scandal, Part II
Why: There were several posts related to the Penn State scandal this month, three of which made the top 10. Janice's post stood out for the way she used her own experiences to shed light on the actions of the mothers of the boys involved. She not only painted a very clear, devastating picture of authorities who had failed to protect the boys but how the moms who many have criticized were also, in their own way, victims as well.


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