ChicagoNow's Best Posts of October

The first two months we held our best posts contest, bloggers could only submit their own posts and only one post per blog was allowed. In October, we expanded it so each blogger could nominate one post from another blog.

This resulted in something that hadn't been possible to happen before: One blog had two posts make the Top 10. Congratulations to Lists That Actually Matter for this achievement, and thanks to everybody who submitted their own posts and that of their fellow bloggers.

Again, here's the criteria that went into making the picks:

"We will look at the quality of headline, quality of content, quality of writing, overall creativity and presentation. We will not consider how much traffic a post has received, reader comments, your responses to reader comments or the number of Facebook "likes" or times a post is sent out on Twitter."

There were so many excellent posts it was a really, really difficult month to pick a top 10. But here they are, your top 10 ChicagoNow posts for October...

Check Yo' Self: Hispanic Hell Month
cubicle dad runs: My 2011 Chicago Marathon race recap, part 1
Daily Chicago Sports Tab: Chicago Bears GM Jerry Angelo: It's Worse Than You Thought
Ex Posts Facto: Why Say Good Morning?
Lists That Actually Matter: I Simply Remember my Favorite Things and Then I Don't Feel so bad
Lists That Actually Matter: Eight Reasons Halloween Sucks as an Adult
My Sports Complex: Parents: Don’t Yell “Retard!” from the Stands
Portrait of an Adoption: Pink Is Not the Enemy. Stereotypes Are.
Trainspotting: Greetings, Canadians!
Your Doubting Thomas: Reviving the American Dream with President Bill Clinton

Third place: Ex Posts Facto: Why Say Good Morning?
Why: This was a highly personal post from Exavier Pope, who beautifully explains his worldview by sharing the story of who he is and where he came from. Even though the post was about Exavier's life it was also very easy for readers to consider their own lives, accomplishing Exavier's goal to "uplift, inspire, and bless you."

Second place: Lists That Actually Matter: I Simply Remember my Favorite Things and Then I Don't Feel so bad
Why: This post is a reminder not to pigeonhole yourself into doing what you think is expected of you. The blogger, who goes by the handle TRSlyder, admits up front this was a departure from his typical "snarky" posts and for that we're thankful. His closing line is one of the best I've seen on a post in awhile.

First place: Check Yo'self!: Hispanic Hell Month
Why: This is the choice for best post of the month for many reasons, including its excellent writing, strong voice, highly relevant subject matter and the impact it had on Chicago. Christina's post, which came about from a photo taken by another ChicagoNow blogger, turned into an embarrassment for Gov. Pat Quinn. The post became widely read and Christina's post became a segment on CBS 2 in which she was interviewed.

Congratulations to the winners who will receive Amazon gift cards in the amount of $50, $100 and $150, respective. Thanks to everybody for another terrific month.




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