Social Media Week Chicago: 1001 tips to becoming a great blogger

Here's the full video of the blogging panel I moderated last night as part of Social Media Week Chicago. The panel, which included Kelly Ryan O'Brien, Nikki Knepper, Andrew Huff and Julie DiCaro were smart, interesting and funny just as expected.

The sound isn't so hot in the early going but it picks up. Enjoy, and hope you learn something.

Watch live streaming video from smw_chicago1 at


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  • Jimmy‚Äôs voice sounds just like I dreamed it would be and Kelly looks attractive enough to have my future child growing in her belly.

  • Wanted to follow-up on the above^^ comment......granted it's past midnight and I'm exceedingly inebriated at the moment, but after looking at Kelly again, I'm gonna have to clarify and say that I will definitely wear a condom. Therefore, there won't be a baby growing in her belly.

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