Gigantic Pink Slugs Grow Up To Eight Inches Long In Australia

Gigantic Pink Slugs Grow Up To Eight Inches Long In Australia

Slugs are, in general, boring animals.  Unless, that is, you are talking about this photosynthesizing sea slug, this majestic ball of slime, or the giant pink slugs that live in Australia.

As it turns out, these pink slugs live in one location and one location only: one Mount Kaputar, which reaches 5,000 feet into the sky.  Locals have said that walkers can see hundreds of these slugs in a day, and that they can grow up to eight inches long!

These slugs, formally known as Triboniophorus aff. graeffei, are also extremely old in terms of their evolutionary background.  Back when all of the world's landmasses were smashed together into that wonderful chunk that we call "Pangea," Australia was part of something called "Gondwanaland," which is where these slugs are thought to have first become prevalent in the Mount Kaputar area.


giant pink slug


The habitat of these gigantic pink slugs is being considered for the title of "endangered ecological community," as it seems to be a volatile climate that houses the only population of this rare species.

What a sight it would be to see hundreds of these massive, pink slugs climbing trees at dusk in order to forage for food!


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