Transparent Pelagic Octopus Spotted In DeepSee Submarine

Transparent Pelagic Octopus Spotted In DeepSee Submarine

Bruce H. Robison and his team have spotted an extremely rare species of octopus in the DeepSee submarine.  Despite the fact that the transparent Pelagic Octopus is normally a deep sea creature, the crew recorded sightings at 590 feet, shallower than expected for the animal.

This octopus is almost completely transparent - only a few vital pieces are not.  The eyes and the intestinal tract are two such organs.

Dr. Robison works at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in San Jose, CA, and will be studying the footage of this animal in detail, I'm sure.

The interesting thing is that for $5000, you can get in on the excitement and go under the sea in the DeepSee submarine!  It was actually a tour that encountered this animal, so you could really see some exciting wildlife if you went along for the ride!  Great for aspiring marine biologists!

[via Undersea Hunter]


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