Animal of The Week: Two-Headed Albino Milk Snake

Animal of The Week: Two-Headed Albino Milk Snake

We've seen some pretty cool animals before, but none like this!

This two-headed albino milk snake was born just recently in Florida, and it is one of the rarest snakes to ever have lived.  Not only does it have two heads, but the majority of two-headed snakes exhibit normal coloration.  This snake, however, is albino -- that's why it has red eyes and bright orange patterns.

Milk snakes are generally a duller red or brown, so this is snake is really quite an extraordinary sighting.  The good news?  It's deformation won't affect the snakes'/snakes' lifespan(s), since two-headed snakes have been known to live up to twenty years in captivity!  In the wild, of course, he wouldn't last long, but if he's protected from predators, this guy will live a long, happy life!

[via Fox News]


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