Animal of The Week: Black and Red Broadbill

Animal of The Week: Black and Red Broadbill

A bird is a sharp turn from our usual lineup of weird animals that you would only see in science fiction, but the Black and Red Broadbill is extraordinary despite being a member of the bird family.

Its bill is exceptionally large for its size and is a characteristic turquoise on top and pale yellow on bottom.  This color combination, coupled with the red and black feathers that cover its body, makes it quite striking.

The Black and Red Broadbill is found in Cambodia and Singapore, among other places, primarily in lowland and mangrove forests.  It is not a threatened species, there are plenty of them.  You can't tell from the picture, but the tail feathers are red on top.  What an awesome bird!

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  • Jack, this blog is for the birds. And arem't these gorgeous? As always, I really enjoy your posts.

  • Hahaha - as always, I appreciate your kind words :)

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