Animal of The Week: Insulamon Palawanense Purple Crab

Animal of The Week: Insulamon Palawanense Purple Crab

We have another animal of the week for you folks, and this one's a killer.  No, it's not dangerous, but it is a purple crab that looks like it smeared lipstick on its claws and wants to give you big kisses rip off your nose and run away like your mom used to do.  That cruel "I got your nose!  I'VE GOT YOUR NOSE!"  still rings in my mind to this day.

The insulamon palawanense is a tongue twister that is also a strikingly beautiful crab.  It lives in freshwater environments, it is not a sea crab, and it can be found in European waters as well as the Philippines.

It was just discovered by scientist Freitag in Germany, who was doing some awesome crab-related research.  These crabs populate the island of Palawan, hence the name, and they can grow up to five centimeters wide, so they're not those king crabs that you eat at the buffet.  *sarcasm*  "You charge me $20 for this?  Fine, I'm getting four plates of crab legs AND lobster because I want to get my money's worth!"

[via National Geographic]


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