Animal of The Week: European Starling

Animal of The Week: European Starling

The European Starling is a beautiful, though relatively common, bird that lives in Europe and western Asia.  It is called "Spreeuw" in Dutch, and has a relatively small wingspan: 31-44 cm.  It generally travels in large flocks and feeds on insects as well as seeds and whatever else it can find.  The European Starling's scientific name is sturnus vulgaris, a rather un-fitting name for this beautiful bird.  Remember that vulgaris implies common, not vulgar.

This bird has also been known to feed in flocks on garbage that is left open, and perhaps its lack of pickiness in terms of diet is where the reputation of this animal was brought down.

Check out another awesome animal - the Glaucus Atlanticus!  The European Starling is a beautiful bird, and we should remember to take time out of our day to just observe nature and its beauty.  You don't need to be outside to do this - a quick trip to Reddit or Pinterest will get you your daily dose of animals, for sure!

Become learned about the creatures of the world by checking back with us next week for another strange, majestic animal that lives somewhere in the world and has been brought to you through the magic of the internet.

[via whatabird]


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