Animal Of The Week: Chromodoris Willani Sea Slug

Animal Of The Week: Chromodoris Willani Sea Slug

The chromodoris willani is a sea slug that, much like that Glaucus Atlanticus we saw a while back, looks like a creature from the world of Pokemon.  In fact, it looks kind of like Lapras to me - perhaps the creators of Pokemon aren't as creative as we give them credit for?

This sea slug lives in the Western Pacific Ocean, in the areas from Indonesia to the Philippines and ranges in color.  The chromodoris willani shown in this picture is in the middle of the color spectrum: the creatures can range from a dark blue color to a near transparent white.  While this is true, they all have discontinuous stripes covering their body as well as those odd feeler-lik outcroppings that appear to sparkle in the water.

The chromodoris willani also has several striking relatives, such as the chromodoris dianae.

[via Sulawesi Sea Slugs]


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