Animal Of The Week: The Langur Monkey

Animal Of The Week: The Langur Monkey

The Langur Monkey is actually a relatively broad term, but it was difficult for me to find exactly which specific type of Langur Monkey was shown in the picture.

These monkeys live primarily in Southern Asia and are considered to be Old World Monkeys.  (They've been here for a long... long... time.)  They are very terrestrial, meaning that they do not spend the majority of their time in trees, but are great climbers nonetheless.  They are monkeys, after all.

The Langur Monkeys are generally found at low to moderate altitudes, and have 30 inch long bodies with tails that are always longer than their entire body.

These beautiful monkeys here have a characteristic yellow face and are herbivores, feeding mostly on conifers.  A cool fact: these monkeys have been known to leap up to 35 feet horizontally between trees.  That's crazy, man - I can't even jump off of a park bench in Chicago without hurting myself.

[via cielbleumedia and Wikipedia]


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