Mud Bricks - MecoConcept Goes High Tech By Going Back In Time

Mud-Bricks Hydraulic  Metaconcept Machine.jpg

Finally!  History Is Useful!

We've all taken history classes and learned that many of the ancient civilizations made warm and relatively durable homes out of caked mud.  But what we did not learn in history class, and this is the reason I did not enjoy social studies, is that MecoConcept has invented a machine that can create up to 120 solid construction bricks an hour.  The best part?  The bricks are made of mud.  (I bet the Aztecs wish they had a sweet hydraulic machine like that.  And a much cooler name - like the Az - Tekkz or something.)

Are They Actually Made Of Mud?  What If It Rains? 
I hope you will all forgive me.  The bricks are not entirely made of mud - they require a small amount of cement.  (Don't worry, despite the fact that the bricks are mostly made of mud, they can sustain rain's wrath.)  The bricks are similar in design to Lego Blocks, and are gaining popularity because a small house can be built in very little time, and theses mud bricks insulate extremely well.  Another nugget that increases the eco savviness of the hydraulic press is that it runs on solar power!


What Is The Practical Use?  I Am Not Going To Buy A House Made Of Mud.  Ever.
MecoConcept designed this eco savvy gadget with disaster-stricken areas in mind.  If peoples' homes are wrecked, this machine would make it very easy for a small and temporary shelter to be built until their house can be fixed or they can move into another house.  This could be revolutionary in global aid for all types of issues - good job, MetaConcept.  (And it gave me something cool to blog about.  But "global revolution" is probably more important.) 

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