Eco-Friendly Earbuds by iWave Grass Roots Get You In Touch With Your Inner Panda


Pandas Are Cool, Pandas Eat Bamboo.  Therefore, Bamboo Is Cool.

The iWave Grass Roots Eco-100 Earbuds are high-quality earbuds for any "green world activist."  These handsome earbuds are made from recycled bamboo, which is good for the planet, but this doesn't mean that they are any less capable than other non-eco-friendly earbuds.

High Tech Features
The iWave Grass Roots have inline volume control, which means that you can control the volume from little buttons on the wire that connects into your MP3 device or Phone.  Also, these handy dandy earpieces have a microphone, so you can do things that you need a microphone to do.  For instance, I guess you could talk on your phone with these ... But why wouldn't you just take your phone out of your pocket and use that?  I guess some people are just really lazy.  (Stop lookin' at me!)  
bamboo earbuds.jpeg
Where Can I Get Them, and How Much Do They Cost
Anyway, these iWave earbuds cost about $20 and come in four different finishes/colors called Kaolin (natural wood color), Gea (darker wood color), and ECO-200 comes in both a light and dark finish.  Grab your own "natural" earbuds at While you're there, check out the full-sized headphones - also made of recycled wood!

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