Clean Energy Water Clock - You Can Grow Plants In It!

Clean Energy Water Clock.jpg

Who Wants A Water-Powered Clock When You Can Have One That Runs On Wet Soil?

We've all heard of "water-powered clocks" before - it's not a new concept.  Electrolysis, blah blah blah.  But what I have not seen, until I saw this gadget, is a clock that can run off of moist soil!  The Clean Energy Water Clock, along with a not-very-clever name, has two diodes that point down into two empty compartments.  Now, you face a fork in the road.  A decision that could change your life.  Do you fill the compartments with water, or grow plants in them?    

Definitely Go With The Plant-Growing Action
How is that a hard decision at all?  The whole point of this gadget is that you can grow plants in a clock!  Sheesh.  This awesome gadget that can operate on moist soil is only $14 and comes in green and clear color.  Yes, clear is a color: it is the color of transparency.  This is a cool eco-friendly gadget that even adds to your house decor.

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