Plug In and Recharge Anywhere: USBCell NiMH AA Battery

Plug In and Recharge Anywhere: USBCell NiMH AA Battery

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Somebody Has Finally Docked The Dock!

Moixa Energy has launched a cool modification to rechargeable batteries, which generally require a dock or wall charger. The USBCell Rechargeable Battery charges straight from your computer!  Just flip open the top of the battery to reveal a USB plug-in.  No cords or external charging docks necessary - just plug it into any available USB port and charge it.  And, since many of the devices we use every day require AA batteries, this is great news!  The USB port has become a convenient source of power for batteries and other fun gadgets.  Now you can help reduce the number of old batteries being sent to landfills by re-using these USBCell NiMH batteries hundreds of times!  

Two Unfortunate Things About These Cool Batteries
  1. The marketing seems to be less than superb, i.e., very few people know about this eco-friendly battery.  That's why I'm telling you about it myself!
  2. These USB rechargeable batteries are only available with a less-than-aesthetically-appealing lime green cap.  Good thing they will be inside a gadget most of the time.  But to make up for it, Moixa has introduced the Royal Wedding souvenir battery.  That's right, you can get your battery customized with "William and Kate 2011" in honor of the royal wedding.  Moixa wants you to know that these are "an ideal gift for your royalist friends." Ummm, okay ...

Bottom Line
Three cheers for an innovative idea that fights against those dastardly batteries.  The Moixa USBCell rechargeable batteries come in AA size (other sizes to be available soon) and can be bought online, Adorama - The Photography People website or Amazon, in packs of two for around $16 - $18.  If you use batteries often, like I do, you'll break even in no time. 

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