FatCat Solar Powered Charger - A Great Name For A Cool Gadget

FatCat Solar Powered Charger - A Great Name For A Cool Gadget

FatCat Solar Charger

Explanation For The Name FatCat

The FatCat Solar Charger is a great way to harness the sun's energy and feed it to your energy-gobbling gadgets (cell phones, iPods, etc.).  The FatCat is not named the way it is because it's bulky, but because it can store so much energy.  I suppose the fact that it can store tons of energy can be compared to a large cat storing fat, but it's not the best parallel I can think of.

Harness the Power of the Sun
Regardless of whether or not the name is cool, which I think it is, this Solar Charger can store enough energy to charge a gadget three times over!  While this solar gadget costs around $100, a bit expensive, we should remember that it has an awesome ability to fully charge in 5 to 10 hours.  That means all you have to do is leave it sitting by a window for half a day and you will be able to charge your gadget three times.  
What Will The FatCat Charge?  Plus a Story of Giant Kentucky Forest Rats
The FatCat can charge anything with a USB, a.k.a. most gadgets, and even has a built in LED flashlight. Those built in flashlights can be very handy for when you're getting chased by killer rats in the forests of Kentucky.  Believe me - those rats are huge and you're going to want to have a flashlight to keep you from running into a tree and breaking your nose.  Of course, then you will probably be eaten by the giant rats, but breaking your nose doesn't feel good either.  Anyway, this flashlight will help you avoid both of those tragedies. 
Where Can I Get the Fatcat?
You can buy your very own Fatcat Solar Charger at Amazon or a neat little travel gadget site called Magellans.com.  

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