Belkin Conserve Insight Energy Use Monitor Will Let You Know If Electricity is Burning Your Money

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Hopefully Chicagoans Have The Insight To Conserve - And To Find A Belkin.

The Belkin Conserve Insight is a great gadget for Chicagoans looking to save money and help the earth!  This gizmo provides extremely helpful information about your energy consumption that can be obtained in just a few seconds!  The device itself, which costs $29.99, has an attachment that plugs into the wall.  You then plug your gadget, TV, major appliance, or computer into this attachment, and various energy-related readings show up on the Belkin Conserve Insight.  These readings are what really make this gadget awesome.  (Belkin sounds like some kind of strange frog - a species native to a tropical country.  If any of you guys discover a species of frog, name it the Belkin species.  It's a good name, trust me.)   

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Belkin Energy Monitor - Conserve Insight

The Famed Readings
This cool eco-friendly device can provide the yearly or monthly cost of operation for a selected gadget.  Cycle through multiple options to discover how much C02 is coming from the energy used to produce that amount of electricity or the number of watts you're using.  Energy information obtained from the Belkin can help you determine which of your electronics need to be trashed - whether it be because they cost way too much in electricity or because they're environment killers.  Coolio, Broseph.  Pick it up at a Chicagoland Best Buy or get it online from Amazon.

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