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Honey from home ...

This week, Back of the Yards based “Urban Vermiculture” pioneers Nature’s Little Recyclers* hosted “An Evening With The Worms” to celebrate their successful Seed Chicago Kickstarter fundraiser. Representatives from a wide swath of Chicago’s green tech, urban farming, sustainability, and start-up communities were involved, and despite the somewhat chilly temperatures, a fine outdoor party was... Read more »

Posting about composting ...

I had the opportunity over the weekend to attend the Green Metropolis Fair, which was being held at Lake View High School up at Irving Park and Ashland on the city’s north side. I was somewhat surprised at the format of this, with tables running down the halls on two floors and food concessions in... Read more »

"Closing the loop."

Last week I was down at the Nature’s Little Recyclers’ worm factory in the Back-of-the-Yards neighborhood to shoot some video for a promotion they’re doing, and hung around to go on a delivery they were making of several bags of their “Caviar Compost” vermicast to their most recent farming partner, Pleasant Farms. This is a... Read more »

Pretty Pictures ...

Went down to the Chicago Cultural Center today for the awards ceremony for the “CITY IN A GARDEN” poster design competition that the City’s Department of Sustainability was running. The contest had two phases, a panel of experts judging the entries, and a popular vote. The judges had previously narrowed the field down to the... Read more »

Road Trip!

Yes, the Green Tech Chicago crew is going on the road and heading down to One Spark – “The World’s Crowdfunding Festival” – in Jacksonville, FL from April 9th-13th. Well, technically we’re sort of tagging along as “alter egos”, as we’ll be there officially shilling for Nature’s Little Recyclers, the “Urban Vermiculture Green Tech Venture”... Read more »

More from the Coalition space ...

When we were down at the Launch Party for Coalition: Loop, their PR reps were trying very hard to set up a series of interviews for us. However, once the party got started, it was a bit of a madhouse, so it was a bit hit-or-miss. Obviously, I got to talk to the guys who... Read more »

Green Education?

Been a while since I’ve had something interesting* for you, however, the Paganics crew (in the persons of the GTC co-authors), were invited to be part of the opening program of the 2014 Job Shadowing outreach of the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences (we were having a bunch of kids come down to learn... Read more »

More on mighty THOR(ium) ...

You thought I was going to leave it with a Thorium-powered batmobile? Hardly! As a matter of fact I’ve got a bunch of stuff on Thorium coming at you! I need to point out that my reviewing SuperFuel: Thorium, the Green Energy Source for the Future the week before the new Thor movie came out... Read more »

For Safety in Solar ...

As I mentioned in the previous post, we’d pulled a list of all the Chicago-area exhibitors at the Solar Power International 13 show, and we were using that as a basic guide to give some structure to our meanderings through the miles and miles of aisles down at McCormick Place. One of the more familiar... Read more »

Solar Power - In Illinois

Yesterday we headed down to McCormick Place for the Solar Power International 13 show. I’d got a listing from the press handlers of all the northern Illinois exhibitors (the Trib does like us to keep something of a parochial slant on these blogs), and I marked them up on the floor map for a general... Read more »