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An "Ecofriendly Marketplace"

A week or so back, I got invited to attend the official Launch event for a new web venture, (pronounced like “odyssey”, but it’s easier to remember when typing in the URL to think “Odd, I say!”, with whatever permutation of an English accent you wish to give it). I don’t know if the... Read more »

Moving Together ...

Last week I was invited to attend the “Move Together” National Shared Mobility Summit down at Venue SIX10 (which is the conference center within the Spertus Institute at 610 S. Michigan). This was being presented by the Shared-Use Mobility Center, in conjunction with the North American Bikeshare Association. I didn’t get a chance to sit... Read more »

Working towards a greener Illinois ...

OK, I’ve got a couple of things “in progress” which should have come between this and the previous post, but “it’s an imperfect world”, and all, so here’s a post based on September’s “The Current” event down at Coalition: Energy. This time it was featuring the Illinois Environmental Council‘s Young Professionals Board, and their fund-raising... Read more »

Making buildings more climate-friendly ...

Got back down for the monthly “The Current” event last week at Coalition: Energy, which was featuring a presentation by Environmental Defense Fund representative Ellen K. Bell, who was discussing a program called EDF Climate Corps. This is an interesting outreach that pairs top-tier graduates students with companies looking to improve their sustainability profiles. The... Read more »

Pardon the self-promotion ...

Dear Green Tech Chicago readers, we do try to not make this blog a promotional vehicle for our own “Green Tech” venture, but both Ed and I are principals in the “urban vermiculture” start-up Nature’s Little Recyclers, and frequently the Green Tech stories that we’re coming up with do have things to do with the... Read more »

Tiny Houses and Butterfly Gardens ...

As I no doubt mentioned, we have a LOT of video still to edit from the events we’ve been to over the past few weeks … and we’re getting to these as quickly as we can. Today I decided to put two from the Chicago Flower & Garden Show together into one post, as, frankly,... Read more »

Three generations away from the farm ...

Of course, at something like the Chicago Flower & Garden Show, not everything is “on target” for Green Tech Chicago, in fact, most of the show is narrow-cast towards, well, flowers and gardens, which would involve a lot of mental convolutions to fit our topics. However, one thing which appeared in several contexts was the... Read more »

Kitchens and gardens and schools ...

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I was to connect with The Kitchen Community at the Chicago Flower & Garden Show … at some point over the last year or so I was at a networking event at the DIRTT Showrooms, and they had a video playing in their kitchen demo area which... Read more »

Nor any drop to drink?

A couple of weeks back, I attended the C²ST – Chicago Council on Science & Technology’s program “Water: Chicago in the 21st Century and Beyond” over at Northwestern’s medical campus, part of their series on Climate & Energy (one of nine thematic series they run). I had brought along my video camera, hoping to get... Read more »

"You Cannot Buy Clean Air"

When we were down at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum for the Green Metropolis Fair event a couple of weeks ago, we had a chance to sit down with Kelly Nichols, an organizer for Moms Clean Air Force Illinois. This is an environmental group which is advocating for full implementation of the Clean Air Act... Read more »