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Pardon the self-promotion ...

Dear Green Tech Chicago readers, we do try to not make this blog a promotional vehicle for our own “Green Tech” venture, but both Ed and I are principals in the “urban vermiculture” start-up Nature’s Little Recyclers, and frequently the Green Tech stories that we’re coming up with do have things to do with the... Read more »

Tiny Houses and Butterfly Gardens ...

As I no doubt mentioned, we have a LOT of video still to edit from the events we’ve been to over the past few weeks … and we’re getting to these as quickly as we can. Today I decided to put two from the Chicago Flower & Garden Show together into one post, as, frankly,... Read more »

Three generations away from the farm ...

Of course, at something like the Chicago Flower & Garden Show, not everything is “on target” for Green Tech Chicago, in fact, most of the show is narrow-cast towards, well, flowers and gardens, which would involve a lot of mental convolutions to fit our topics. However, one thing which appeared in several contexts was the... Read more »

Kitchens and gardens and schools ...

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I was to connect with The Kitchen Community at the Chicago Flower & Garden Show … at some point over the last year or so I was at a networking event at the DIRTT Showrooms, and they had a video playing in their kitchen demo area which... Read more »

Nor any drop to drink?

A couple of weeks back, I attended the C²ST – Chicago Council on Science & Technology’s program “Water: Chicago in the 21st Century and Beyond” over at Northwestern’s medical campus, part of their series on Climate & Energy (one of nine thematic series they run). I had brought along my video camera, hoping to get... Read more »

"You Cannot Buy Clean Air"

When we were down at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum for the Green Metropolis Fair event a couple of weeks ago, we had a chance to sit down with Kelly Nichols, an organizer for Moms Clean Air Force Illinois. This is an environmental group which is advocating for full implementation of the Clean Air Act... Read more »

Honey from home ...

This week, Back of the Yards based “Urban Vermiculture” pioneers Nature’s Little Recyclers* hosted “An Evening With The Worms” to celebrate their successful Seed Chicago Kickstarter fundraiser. Representatives from a wide swath of Chicago’s green tech, urban farming, sustainability, and start-up communities were involved, and despite the somewhat chilly temperatures, a fine outdoor party was... Read more »

Posting about composting ...

I had the opportunity over the weekend to attend the Green Metropolis Fair, which was being held at Lake View High School up at Irving Park and Ashland on the city’s north side. I was somewhat surprised at the format of this, with tables running down the halls on two floors and food concessions in... Read more »

"Closing the loop."

Last week I was down at the Nature’s Little Recyclers’ worm factory in the Back-of-the-Yards neighborhood to shoot some video for a promotion they’re doing, and hung around to go on a delivery they were making of several bags of their “Caviar Compost” vermicast to their most recent farming partner, Pleasant Farms. This is a... Read more »

Pretty Pictures ...

Went down to the Chicago Cultural Center today for the awards ceremony for the “CITY IN A GARDEN” poster design competition that the City’s Department of Sustainability was running. The contest had two phases, a panel of experts judging the entries, and a popular vote. The judges had previously narrowed the field down to the... Read more »