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"Closing the loop."

Last week I was down at the Nature’s Little Recyclers’ worm factory in the Back-of-the-Yards neighborhood to shoot some video for a promotion they’re doing, and hung around to go on a delivery they were making of several bags of their “Caviar Compost” vermicast to their most recent farming partner, Pleasant Farms. This is a... Read more »

A bit from Techweek ...

I was out of town most of last week with my family on a bit of a vacation, so missed most of Techweek, but managed to get back home in time for hanging out down at the Merchandise Mart on Friday. We’d gotten press credentials for Green Tech Chicago early on, and had been contacted... Read more »

Roads paved with Solar ...

OK, you’ve probably seen info on Solar Roadways already, as links have been zipping around Facebook like wildfire, but it’s pretty cool. I’d seen bits and pieces of this info over the past several months and I, frankly, thought the project was further along that it appears to be. In fact, they’re still in the... Read more »

A report from One Spark ...

So, the middle of last month, the Nature’s Little Recyclers crew spent a week on the road, heading down to Jacksonville, FL for One Spark. This was way more of a grind than we expected, and we were constantly on the go (trying to drum up votes for our project) from 5:30am till around 10:30pm.... Read more »

More from the Coalition space ...

When we were down at the Launch Party for Coalition: Loop, their PR reps were trying very hard to set up a series of interviews for us. However, once the party got started, it was a bit of a madhouse, so it was a bit hit-or-miss. Obviously, I got to talk to the guys who... Read more »

A Co-Working Space for "CleanTech".

I don’t know if there’s a “season” for this sort of thing, but it sure seemed like over the winter, there were very few events which were “on topic” for Green Tech Chicago, but all of a sudden, they seem to be picking up again. I’d actually had the Launch Party for Coalition: Loop on... Read more »

Solar exhibitors from around Chicago ...

So, as previously noted, we had marked up a Solar Power International 13 exhibit floor map with the location of the various Chicago-area exhibitors, and made an effort to swing by to see what was up with them. We didn’t make it to every booth, but we maybe hit 3/4 of the ones we’d identified... Read more »

Building a smart grid ...

We ended up at the Solar Power International 13 show by a somewhat circuitous route. As regular readers may recall, we’d attended the WindPower show earlier in the year, and I suspect that we got on various lists of “alternative energy media outlets” from our coverage of that. Several weeks ago we got an email... Read more »

Learning about Solar ...

While we were primarily looking for local folks to chat with at the Solar Power International 13 show, we did stop by several other booths. One of these was a group that was doing a series of live trainings at various locations around the show floor, Solar Energy International … which one could easily mistake... Read more »

One Industry's Solar "Pivot" ...

Another local group that we stopped by to chat with at the Solar Power International 13 show was the National Roofing Contractors Association, NRCA, which is headquartered out in Rosemont. You might well ask “what is Green Tech about roofing contractors?” … but this is one of those feel-good stories, where an industry that was... Read more »
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