New Book: Fundamentals Of Interactive Design

Solid, one of Chicago's fastest growing custom software companies, has been featured in a new book, Fundamentals Of Interactive Design.

Existing Solid apps being profiled in a text book illustrating best practices for UX/UI (user experience and user interfaces). 2 apps being featured are:

The book will be published in US/UK by Ava Publishing a subsidiary of Bloomsbury ( Publish data, TBD (approximately Q2 of 2013).

The manner in which Solid's work has been presented is educational but interesting. The language used is presented in a way that anyone in any field can relate to, and better understand good digital design. The applications Solid chose to showcase provide a clear representation of thoughtful user interfaces and experiences.

I had a chance to sit down, one on one with Jesse McCabe, CEO of Solid, to discuss the book and why they were chosen to be involved. Here is what he had to say:

1. Have you ever been published in a book before?

No, not a book - I have personally been in a couple magazines, but never a book, or a text book for that matter.

2. How exactly did the authors contact you?

Through one of our employees - the writer was a professor from his alma mater.

3. Why is Solid the best source for the book?

We have a tremendous amount of experience in web and software UI - our catalog includes hundreds of examples of good and bad UI.

4. What is the message is for the book? How does Solid impact this message?

The text book is focused on building thoughtful, intuitive interfaces for applications.  The examples in the book are both very good in both display and ease of use.

5. How did you choose to discuss the 2 apps for the book?

It was pretty easy - they were recent apps that we've done, and we had a lot of say in the direction of the UI for both.

6. Solid has been getting more press/media attention. How has Solid changed its image over the years?

I think we are maturing into our expertise.  We have been working hard over the last 5 years to supply a quality product - now we're ready to expand and grow.

7. What are Solid's goals over the next 5 years?

We are building more products on our own - we would like to be able to deploy more software as standalone products, and then support those products with our consulting group.  I hope, within the next 5 years, we pivot to becoming more of a product company than a professional services organization.

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