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What did David Rothstein tell me in our one-on-one interview? He revealed everything you need to know about business, brides, and more. You are invited to learn the secrets to small business success in Chicago.


How did it all begin?

I used to play bass with some of the top wedding bands in Chicago and I found they were pretty much doing the exact same wedding music for everyone. It didn't matter if it was 30 people or 300 people. They could be Jewish, Irish, Italian, Polish or whatever. They performed the same songs the same way. I learned a lot from this.
What makes you so unique?

It's probably my personality. I really like people. I try to make each wedding really unique. Each person should be able to  tell their personal story through their wedding.  There is a certain element of humanness that is lost by a lot of the wedding bands. Each bride and groom should get songs that they specifically want, and not have songs that they don't want. I started the company to design something that is very unique and has a very special human element to it. Brides and grooms should think 30 or 40 years from now that this is something we shared together. A wedding is not contract number 281 that we have on  the 17th. Each wedding will be a long-standing memory. I want to create  a bit of a legacy. I don't just want to be a business. The philosophy should never be "We made some money, now I am done." I want to create something that has a long-term impact for everyone involved. All the vendors win. The bride and groom win. All the guests win.


Everybody wins. How do you make everyone feel like a winner?

We dig a little deeper and get into the personalities of our brides and grooms. If someone is really formal, we create certain formal dances. We have  bridal showers that reflect their personalities. We spend a lot of time getting to know our clients on a personal basis and design a wedding that is an extension of them. To me, the best things in life are the things that are most authentic to a particular person. For instance a bride may read in a magazine that fuchsia is the new color for a wedding. The bride  may hate fuchsia.  Don't use fuchsia at your wedding if you hate it even if it is a popular trend. Maybe cupcakes are more popular than wedding cakes this year.  You might hate cupcakes. Don't use cupcakes for your wedding. Weddings are an extension of their personality.
What makes you the best ?

We have the most incredible musicians in Chicago. The quality of the music has to be exceptional. We are incredibly organized. We keep the wedding on schedule. We work with the vendors really well to make sure everything is in the right place. We get the best results from all the vendors we work with. Those things are all very important. We get incredible reviews. People fly us around the country. People want something special. We are known for being unique, talented, and hard working. It is all about taking care of the actual execution of the event.


Three things we do better than anybody else.

1. We pack dance floors. We make the wedding very fun.

2. We organize the structure of the wedding really well.

3. We add a personal touch to everything we do.


The wedding business is competitive.  What are some of your goals?

We keep expanding. We hope to have more national events, more celebrity events, and more philanthropic work. We continue to do super high quality work. We plan on keeping things at the same high level we have done in the past.
What are some interesting wedding stories?

The father of the groom was supposed to do a slideshow on his iPad. He told me during the cocktail hour that he accidentally left the iPad in his hotel room. I drove all the way to the hotel myself to get the iPad.

Another time, we had a ceremony where the usher got sick. The bride was all upset. I said "Sarah everything is going to be fine." I gave her a hug and went inside. I ushered in the bridal family myself.

We have a form which includes where you went to school, the type of work you do, and what your favorite hobbies are.  We create personal one-of-a-kind gifts for people based on that information. We had a couple that met at O'Hare Airport in the baggage claims department. I got the couple a gold carry-on suitcase. Another couple got engaged while  they were out jogging. I got them a large pair of white sneakers. We had all their wedding guests sign the sneakers.

David is changing lives one wedding at a time. To learn more about David Rothstein Music visit or call 773.244.1239.


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