I am in the gym - exorcising my demons! purging my spirit! I have alot on my mind - wrestling, people, feelings, Love interest(distractions), family, you name it my mind race's.. It is all good either way .. even if it isn't.. IT IS GOING TO BE JUST WHAT I MAKE OF IT! Times are hard, I know they are. It is not about winning or losing even when you look around and realize you haven't moved an inch or made things better and it feels like you have lost one thing or the other. The GYM- this is my haven -it is what makes me better on a good day or a bad day - note that today isnt a bad day. It just is what it is. I feel alot of my fans have become my friends even some have become my family- the short of it ! Stay Strong - eat healthy , go to a gym - be strong in your heart and don't ever give up even though your loss record keeps rising! The real GOLD is in your heart - you just got to be the best DAMN GOLDMINER EVER to have existed cause your the only one who can find that gold! Be MY HELLION - MY TRUE CHAMP ! I won't give up - If you don't! meet me at the finish line - when they ring that bell - that says we did it !! We WON !! WE ARE HAPPY AND SPORT OUR GOLD - OUR GOLDEN HEARTS! I WILL BE THERE TO RAISE YOUR HAND !! just the way you have been there for me!

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    Local female Sports Entertainer, Professional Wrestler, mom, athlete, nutrition-fitness enthusiast, divorced, Mexican/Native American Pilsen westside Chicago native and highly opinionated woman, The monstress from hell, The Great Cheyenne, has much to say! Prepare to read and chime in on some wrestling, other fun and some less than favorable subjects- if you care enough and have a spine!

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