Are Famous People Grateful But Miserable At Work Too?

Are Famous People Grateful But Miserable At Work Too?
From Jackie-O w/ style & MOOchelle, the Angus Bull w/ a scowl in it's face! Camelot vs. Camel-TOE!

Do you ever think that famous or well known people are grateful but miserable? Happy to be famous and rich, but tired of being under the watchful eyes ALL THE TIME. What if your employer could follow you around taking pictures and video of you at any given moment?

What if you were constantly being judged for everything you do every minute of the day? And then those pictures and videos were used to determine your ability to do your job.

What if your personal time is not ever personal at all and always reflected on your work?

I used to think that being rich meant you could withstand all the criticism and awful jokes people make about you, but maybe not.

If it were me, I'd expect that on some days, I'd feel grateful but miserable!

A few days ago I read an article called " I'm not a Kardashian fan, but no woman should be subject to this" written by one of my fellow Chicago Now bloggers.

The article was about how a very unflattering picture of Kim Kardashian had been posted all over the Internet of her wearing a black and white dress and being compared to a whale.

And, I agree with the writer, I think it's wrong to bash a person that way. She is pregnant for goodness sakes!

Today, I saw another picture, the one posted with this article, of Michelle Obama being compared to Jackie Kennedy, titled "From Jackie-O w/ style & MOOchelle, the Angus Bull w/ a scowl in it's face! Camelot vs. Camel-TOE!"

Some of the comments (and I copied them exactly as they were) on the picture included;

neanderthal nigga

Jackie is probably turning in her grave to see her picture along side the ugly pig!!!

You can compare the cow with any previous first ladies and she comes out on bottom. Just not much you can do to elevate gutter trash out of the ghetto.

Look at the monkey

Look at the size of those thighs! She's built like an NFL linebacker. Gross woman.

JFK and all the other presidents' 1st LADIES had class or were kept well hidden. then came mooshell, an American embarrassment 2nd only to her husband.

Needless to say, this is not a great picture of the First Lady. However, does this picture really justify such awful comments? And, does anybody know the details or circumstances as to why Michelle Obama would have been standing that way?

Maybe she was doing some awesome dance or workout move. She does speak about being healthy a lot. What if she was ducking from birds flying overhead?

She's not dressed like a stripper. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I'm just saying. She's fully dressed and we don't really know what she's doing. So, where exactly does she lose her "class" in this picture?

And the title of the picture "Camelot vs. Camel toe".... Can you see a camel toe in this picture? Who's focusing on her crotch so much that they could even begin to notice something like that?

Not to mention, who actually met Jackie Kennedy? How do we know she had class? Because someone took a picture of her in a flowered dress walking through the park? For all we know she could have had a habit of picking her teeth with her toes! Because that's certainly not classy! How would we know?

What happened to not judging a book by it's cover? Why does each and every thing a person does, especially famous people, have to be directly connected to the quality and value of their work? Why does taking a funny or unflattering picture mean you have no class? That you're not worthy of being the First Lady?

Maybe I'm oversensitive and it doesn't bother them. But I doubt that. I mean after all, they are people just like the rest of us.

I found this video of Cher telling some paparazzi exactly what she thought of them following her around and taking pictures of her while enjoying some personal time. Maybe she's not miserable, but she certainly isn't happy.

Go Cher!! I'm glad you stood up for yourself!

I doubt that money and being well known is enough to make up for things like this. I think famous people can be grateful but miserable too! Maybe not at work, but because of the nature of their work, and how it bleeds into their personal lives. Or, they could be crying all the way to the bank!

Honestly, if I were Michelle Obama, I'd be giving people the flaming middle finger ALL THE TIME! Imagine the things people would say about that! I guess I don't have any class either.

Now, as usual, have a great day at work! Or, at the very least, don't do anything that will get you fired and/or arrested!


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  • How can people be so disrespectful? It just blows my mind. Very well said.

  • In reply to Amy Litterski:

    and by the way go Cher. hahaha.

  • In reply to Amy Litterski:

    Thanks Amy! It really is mind blowing, isn't it?

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