"Grandma, can you beat up my 6th grade teacher, please?

"Grandma, can you beat  up my 6th grade teacher, please?

"Grandma, can you beat up my 6th grade teacher, please?

So you teach a 6th grade class in a public school. One day during one of your class lessons, you see a girl pick up a lip gloss that belonged to another student, that fallen on the floor, and begin to apply it to her lips. But before you can say anything the owner of the lip gloss sees her too and a fight ensues. You stop the girls from fighting first, then you tell the first little girl that using someone else's lip gloss is not sanitary.  You insist she return it to the rightful owner, which she does, and then you return to your lesson.

The day ends without any other fighting, no lip gloss stealing or applying, so you go home and don't think about it again. When you return to work the following day, everything seems normal. Until, you hear a noise in the hallway outside your classroom door.  It sounds like a fight.

You're thinking what could be happening? You hear women screaming at the school's security guard and the Principal. You want to go and see what's going on, but you want to address your students first to assure them there's nothing to worry about. Just then you see the knob on your classroom door turning quickly, you can hear all the yelling as someone attempts to yank the door open.  You listen more closely now, which is when you hear your name and how these people can't wait to get into your class to "beat that bitch's ass". You hear the principal trying to calm the women down and suddenly feel grateful that the lock on your door is broken and cannot be opened from the outside.

The faulty lock buys you some time to figure out how best to defend yourself if they should make it into your class.  What happened? Who are these women and why are they here to beat you up? You call the police from your cell phone and grab a pair of scissors just in case these people make their way in somehow. The police arrive just in time and escort the women out of the building.

Now you can find out what happened. The Principal fills you in on the details.  He tells you that the women in the hallway were the mother, aunt and grandmother of the girl who picked up and attempted to put on the other little girls lip gloss. They ran passed security and around the metal detectors to your class.  They attempted to hit the Principal when he caught up to them.  They told him that you had no right to tell her that she was nasty for putting on someone else's lip gloss. You couldn't help but think why none of them had ever showed up before. Not for report card pick ups, not to discuss the tutoring you have been providing to her after school. Never! But for this, here they are.

Fast forward to a teacher/parent conference where you discuss the matter.  Where you have an opportunity to tell them what really happened. After you advise that she can no longer remain in your class and that you will no longer continue to provide the free tutoring she so desperately needs. What a shame, everybody lost on this one.

Isolated incident, right? Nope, I have another friend who was attacked on a school bus by a student that resulted in stitches to her face, and there are many more stories like this.  In this day where kids and teachers are being killed in their classrooms, bullied by their students or their students parents, I cannot figure out why they keep doing it. Luckily there are some people who are willing to put themselves in harms way to teach our children. Kudos to them, I applaud you.

If something like this has ever happened to you, I am truly sorry.  If not, you can go to work with a smile on your face.

And,as usual, have a GREAT day at work today, or at the very least, don't do anything that will get you fired and/or arrested!


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  • Classy women, wonder if they took time off from work to go beat up this teacher? I'm sure the little girl will grow up to be a valuable member of society with role models like these.

  • In reply to Dr Gonzo26:

    Absolutely classy (is my sarcasm showing?) Time off work? I'd be pleasantly surprised to find any one of the three had any sort of legal employment. I hope this girl will grow up to be a valuable member of society, but my best guess says she's doomed to a life in loserville! Thanks so much for reading my articles! You rock!

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