How Something So Small Has So Much Power

Having never been more physically or emotionally exhausted in my life, on this day a decade ago a tiny little thing changed me forever. My daughter was born and though the pain meds administered were making my eyeballs roll back in my head and giving me carnival dreams, the birth of our first child most... Read more »

Goodbye, I’m About to Rock Your World in a Way You Can’t Possibly Imagine

The morning of April 22, 2011, marks one of the most surreal moments in my life, and it involved a remarkable goodbye. Having gone through 23 hours of labor and yet still a trip to the operating room for a c-section with the birth of my daughter in 2008, my OB-GYN and I had settled on... Read more »

Why Are Some Things We Want So Badly, So F’in Hard?

When I pitched this blog and officially took on the Grateful Girl persona, I felt inspired, proud, ready, willing and able. And I still feel that way. But I also feel something just as big as those emotions – I feel conflicted. Inspiring and sharing moments of gratitude each day (or at least a couple... Read more »

Liberate Yourself!

I again stumbled across a blog I wrote a few years ago for my gym’s page, as they tasked me to help people find the work-life-health-parenting balance. Today is the perfect day to liberate — hide from the weather (if you’re in Chicagoland) and purge! How many pairs of jeans do you have in your... Read more »

That Time I DID NOT Run the Chicago Marathon But Experienced the High

Five years ago I was asked to get guest blog for my gym downtown. The blog was mostly about finding balance in life/work/fitness/parenthood – an aspiration I think most of us have daily. Having experienced the Chicago Marathon with my then-almost-5-year-old little lady, I wrote this post. And, go figure, though I’m demographically no longer... Read more »

The First Time I Heard About This, I Threw Up a Little

When my daughter was in Kindergarten, she hopped into the car after school one day (weighted down by her backpack almost twice the size of her) and in a very matter-of-fact way said: “Today I learned about what to do if a skunk gets into the school. I don’t want it to see me, or... Read more »

I Lost My Camp Mom ‘V,' and It Hurt

I am a “camp person,” through and through. I’ve shared before how my experiences at overnight camp have shaped who I am, how I approach the world and my relationships. So when I sent my first-born to overnight camp for the first time, the emotions were wild. Being a Camp Mom for the very first... Read more »

Look At This Blog, Isn’t It Neat? Now My Mermaid Experience is Complete!

Do you dread putting on a bathing suit? Do you feel awkward and less than graceful hopping in and out of a pool? Do you fear sharks, like I do, so the ocean is more nerves than glee? We’ve all been there, regardless of our gender, shape or size. Sometimes we’re just not feelin’ it... Read more »

A Poem: Why the End of School Makes Us Nuts

It’s the night before school gets out and emotions are flyin’. One kid is yelling, while the other is crying. It’s exciting, it’s stressful, it’s happy, it’s sad. One minute we’re upset school’s over, and then next moment we’re glad.   It’s a wild ride for kids, parents and teachers, too. The to-do lists keep... Read more »

Why Buying So Much Camp $hit is Worth It

It was this time 32 years ago that my mom was packing slightly frayed towels, sunscreen and bug spray chock with weird chemicals and a collection of my already worn shorts and T-shirts to go to overnight camp for the first time. I was 9 and went with some trepidation. Just one postcard home (“Can... Read more »