A Poem: You Are a Person, So Am I. And a wife, mom, teacher, worker and more.


The message came Friday afternoon,

taking the day from snow white to blue.

E-learning continues, “in-person” comes to an end,

we're sad even though it’s no surprise to me -- or to you.


The governor is protecting us,

that's most important – it’s what he has to do.

But he said no “in-person” school…

Excuse me, but I’m pretty sure I’m a mom, wife, homemaker, writer, teacher and a person, too.


This at-home learning is tricky,

every family experiences something unique to them.

I’m lucky, I know, because my kids like to learn, follow rules,

But to the governor, I’m giving him a big “Ahem!”


There’s no “in-school” learning that’s true.

But there’s absolutely a person (or many) involved day to day.

There’s a mom, dad or sibling, a person helping kids to grow.

And the teachers working to inspire in any new way!


So let’s change the language here:

"In-school” learning is over for now.

“In-person” will happen for days and weeks,

as the heroes among us figure out how.


All kids deserve to learn,

to feel proud of their unbelievable year.

It goes beyond Math and English,

I’m hopeful they’re learning empathy and how to combat fear.


We may not get to hug our teachers again,

to show them how much we care.

But we can support them, be their subs,

be the “in-person” until we end this nightmare.


We’re staying home for learning,

“in-school” classes are a thing of the past.

I know this feels impossible,

but, I will say, we can take on this task!


That doesn’t mean anything’s “perfect,”

what does that mean, anyway?

Just make your “in-person” learning something that fits,

for your own family day after day.


My biggest hope is for safety and health,

Behind closed doors it’s different for all.

Call for help, find support,

we can’t let anyone fall.


We’re all taking on new roles in our homes,

there are challenges that are overwhelming and cause stress.

But please count your blessings – find gratitude.

We can’t control much of this, we can only do our best.

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