I’m Embarrassed, But I’ll Admit It

pot-cleaningIt was a cozy, freezing, snowy January, er November, day off of school. Some tweens were hanging around the house and my little man was sprawled on the couch in front of the fire. I’m whipping up some lunch, and…

A friend popped over to rescue me with snow boots for the little man. (Another not-winning moment: Sold last year’s boots and didn’t order new ones in time for Chicago winter to arrive in November! Two big snows, no boots in the right size. Doh!)

So as my friend and I got lost in conversation about middle school drama, I ruined lunch. It’s embarrassing, but I’ll admit it. I boiled out the pot of mac and cheese – no water left means noodles slightly burned and stuck to the bottom and sides of the pot. Two boxes of organic, bunny-shaped mac and cheese, and I burned it!

Frankly, the kids, my friend and I had a good laugh about it. It takes “talent” to burn boiling noodles. And we all need to laugh at ourselves (and our parents) once in a while.

And then the little man said something great. “Bummer you burned the noodles, Mommy. It’s funny but it’s a waste of food and also cost a few bucks.” Turns out he’s been paying attention and realized the impact of my goof.

Thankfully I always stock a mac stash and didn’t have to tap into the hundreds of boxes in my foyer! My boy’s observations were inspired because of a Gratitude Generation program where in less than two weeks, our communities collected more than 1,000 boxes of macaroni and cheese to be added to meals distributed to families in need in Chicagoland.

The morning of the macaroni mishap, we were counting donated boxes and chatting about how much this particular food is filling, yummy and so easy to make – for us, but not for everyone.

Turns out that Gratitude Generation collected 1,196 boxes of macaroni and cheese thanks to the amazing and generous hearts of families in our communities! That is a lot of families in need and a ton of kiddos who will get to enjoy a warm bowl of mac, especially important as our temperatures have plummeted already.

With boxes dropped on four local porches day and night (My Ring doorbell noted a 10 p.m. delivery!), some shipped right from websites and many selected and delivered by – and even paid for! – by other little kids, this program was nothing short of incredible. At Gratitude Generation we tend to set lofty goals. Really, what have we got to lose? I’ll tell you… nothing, especially since we keep hitting them.

So Grateful Girl is grateful for so much: I didn’t ruin my most-often-used pot, I didn’t set off the smoke alarms (have done that!), we all had a belly laugh, I had more mac for lunch, the kids gobbled it up happily, and they were grateful for it. That’s the key here – the kiddos felt gratitude for a simple lunch of mac and cheese.

I’m proud (and grateful), and I’ll admit it.

If you don't know about Gratitude Generation yet, please check out our website and find us on Facebook. 

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