I Challenge You To Take on Your Inbox -- NOW!


I first wrote this blog in 2016, but today I'm re-inspired, and I'm challenging YOU! Take on your inbox today! Seriously, go after it. But first quickly read this, comment, like it and share it. With gratitude!

Like many of you, the email accounts of my youth have become junk accounts. R.I.P. AOL and Hotmail email addresses. And my maiden name? When I dropped it off my social security card, jillmaidenname@yahoo went to the land of forgotten junk-email accounts.

But now 11 (more than 12) years of wedding bliss, and my “new” account bursts with retail emails, newsletters and promotions – often from sites I’ve visited only a few times, or even never. My official junk account has maxed out at 9,999 because I haven’t spent the time to purge in months and months – this slippery slope is worse than getting behind on your kiddos’ baby books!

So with a focus on keeping my “new” account clean-ish, recently I’ve taken more than the usual split second to scroll through and delete, and I’ve looked a little more closely at each email. I’ve got a new morning ritual. (Working hard at this again in 2018!)


By unsubscribing, I’m clearing the clutter and making room for what’s important to me. Sure “room” is relative in cyberspace, but clearing the clutter feels almost as good as cleaning the junk drawer in the kitchen, where now I can quickly find the pen and sticky notes I need for lunchbox love notes.

For me, unsubscribing has been a slow and thoughtful process because I do like getting newsletters and email alerts. (PSA: Have you subscribed here yet? Grateful Girl is a WORTHY subscription, please do not unsubscribe. I repeat, please DO NOT unsubscribe – please subscribe!) (And follow me on Facebook, too, please! Grateful Girl)

For clarity and a leaner inbox, I am grateful. Thus I am extremely grateful for the “Unsubscribe” button – a click almost as important as “Save” or “Place Order.” So now as part of my organized living, I spend a few minutes “cleaning” my inbox right after I clean the pile of papers and mail off my desk.

Try it. Unsubscribe. (But NOT here, pretty please!) And please let me know if you find a moment of gratitude when you wake the next morning to a cleaner, leaner inbox.

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