Move Over, Madame Tussauds, the 3rd Grade Nailed It! Simone Biles Says So, Too!

On the first day of 3rd grade, my little lady proclaimed: “We get to do wax museum this year!” This excitement sprung from one afternoon in 2nd grade when she got to wander up and down rows and rows of students dressed as famous figures, giving memorized, biographical speeches without slipping out of character for... Read more »

Unsweetened Black Iced Tea with a Splash of Authenticity

For a lot of people, including me, Starbucks is an oasis at the beginning, middle or early afternoon of a busy day. No matter where we are, a Starbucks feels familiar, comforting and satisfying, even if a complicated, over-priced latte isn’t your thing. That smiley green mermaid greets you with something familiar, comforting and satiating.... Read more »

Fly, Baby Bird. Fly! Our Girl Is Leaving the Nest

I’m a “camp person,” which according to my hubby is someone who went to overnight camp as a kid and never let it go; someone who still loves camp decades later and would pack a duffle and go back in a flash if the opportunity presented itself. A “camp person” prays and hopes that his/her... Read more »

Don’t Underestimate North Shore Moms

So if you’re drawing a caricature of a North Shore mom and using all of the stereotypes that make me crazy, you’re drawing a woman in black yoga pants, driving an SUV or minivan, either working her ass of all day or hitting a yoga class and a lunch date, and running through Whole Foods... Read more »

It’s My Birthday So I Made 5 Wishes

Yesterday was my 41st birthday, and it felt a little… BIG! I’ve always been one to love my birthday (only surpassed by my love for my kiddos’ birthdays), and I’ve never cared much about my age. My mom always says: “It’s just a number,” and this year I think I need to embrace that mantra.... Read more »

I Was In the Room Where It Happened: How Hamilton Has Renewed My Spirit

Last Friday I had contemplated a media blackout – Inauguration Day for me meant the end of an era that inspired me and the beginning of one that I fear. Democrat vs. Republican antics aside, the Obamas as a couple led this country with leadership and grace, and intense passion for our country and each... Read more »

Sometimes We Have to Point Out the Obvious

Over winter break, like many of you, I over-indulged my kiddos. We took a family “trip” to Florida, we hit restaurants and malls, we enjoyed gifts and more sugary treats than we should have ever consumed. We created memories, and my pants were a tad tighter at the beginning of 2017! But I also tried... Read more »

Bring it, 2017!

Some might say 2016 was tumultuous. Regardless of your politics, the campaign was a wild ride. Emotions ran high and Twitter got more attention than it ever deserves. Terrorism, once again, reared its ugly head right here on our U.S. soil. Wonderful people were taken from us, and personal battles were fought – some victorious... Read more »

Of course the hotel was awesome, but what else? Let's find gratitude in experience.

“What was your favorite part about our trip?” “The hotel with two pools, a slide and the ocean!” From the mouth of my little man, he captured the indulgence and the privilege of our recent Florida warm up just perfectly. I mean, he’s right… The hotel had amazing amenities. But it also provided so much... Read more »

My Right to Bear Arms

While daily I gasp at my CNN mobile alerts as a new team of politicians work to alter the rights we’ve all grown accustomed to having, I think most would agree the right to bear arms is relatively safe. This suited-up group our country somehow elected has women’s and minority’s issues in its crosshairs –... Read more »