What do a Frappuccino and a phone number have in common?

The answer is nothing, at least nothing yet. But that could all change soon, and I sure hope it does. You see, if you know me or have been around me during this first chunk of summer for the past two summers, you know I have a dream-come-true and a hot-button issue simultaneously. I have... Read more »

Marie Kondo Requires Joy, I Say Gratitude

Do I need an 11×14 framed photo of my high school boyfriend? Maybe I can find his mom and give it to her! What about my pom pons circa 1993? They’re green and white (West Bloomfield Lakers and Michigan State colors), and I went to Michigan so unless they’re maize and blue, I’m thinking I... Read more »

I Found My “Something.” Have You?

It was just about a year ago. I can picture it clear as day because I was idling waiting for a giant freight train rumbling across my path, and I said to my friend: “Do you feel in your gut that this is going to be something?” She assured me, and I gave an emphatic,... Read more »

Over Chicken and Hummus, We Talked About Hate

“When I was a kid, my mom told me about a shooting at our synagogue that happened before I was born,” I told them. “The rabbi was shot in front of the congregation in a giant sanctuary. I think I was too young to hear that story because it scared me terribly when my mom... Read more »

I Dream of School Supplies

Spearheading a program for the nonprofit I helped launch this year, I’ve been up to my eyeballs in work and feeling more grateful than ever to have a means to give back and create a lasting organization that has the potential to change our community and the world in such a big way. I blogged... Read more »

How to Earn A Cool $5K in One Weekend

When the board of Gratitude Generation decided we wanted to team up and support Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation to help raise money for pediatric cancer research, it seemed like a perfect fit for the organization’s mission: Instill gratitude in future generations through education and service. Having a lemonade stand for charity is service – and... Read more »

Using the G Word: How Gun Conversations Today Are Scary, Empowering and More Important Than Ever

I picked my son up from a playdate last week, and he and his buddy were playing with guns. They were of the Nerf and plastic variety, but nonetheless, the experience rattled me to the core. I’ve been thinking about it a lot and have some insight to share because it led to some big... Read more »

Twice Recently I've Been Inspired by Kids – And Not Even My Own

I have never been more inspired by kids who are not my own. Never. This morning I watched live footage of kids all over the country “Walk Out” in the name of gun control and reform. And it was amazing. And heart-breaking. And happy. And sad. And terrifying. But, mostly, it was inspiring. Throughout history... Read more »

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not: My Valentine’s Day Musings

With my husband almost 4,400 miles away on a business trip on the eve of Valentine’s Day, my answer to the “What are your Valentine’s Day plans?”question has been, “Carpool, dinner and dishes. The usual.” But I’ve certainly decked the house with pink and red expressions of love, bought my kids sweet goodies and even... Read more »

I Challenge You To Take on Your Inbox -- NOW!

I first wrote this blog in 2016, but today I’m re-inspired, and I’m challenging YOU! Take on your inbox today! Seriously, go after it. But first quickly read this, comment, like it and share it. With gratitude! Like many of you, the email accounts of my youth have become junk accounts. R.I.P. AOL and Hotmail... Read more »