I Lost My Camp Mom ‘V,' and It Hurt

I am a “camp person,” through and through. I’ve shared before how my experiences at overnight camp have shaped who I am, how I approach the world and my relationships. So when I sent my first-born to overnight camp for the first time, the emotions were wild. Being a Camp Mom for the very first... Read more »

Look At This Blog, Isn’t It Neat? Now My Mermaid Experience is Complete!

Do you dread putting on a bathing suit? Do you feel awkward and less than graceful hopping in and out of a pool? Do you fear sharks, like I do, so the ocean is more nerves than glee? We’ve all been there, regardless of our gender, shape or size. Sometimes we’re just not feelin’ it... Read more »

A Poem: Why the End of School Makes Us Nuts

It’s the night before school gets out and emotions are flyin’. One kid is yelling, while the other is crying. It’s exciting, it’s stressful, it’s happy, it’s sad. One minute we’re upset school’s over, and then next moment we’re glad.   It’s a wild ride for kids, parents and teachers, too. The to-do lists keep... Read more »

Why Buying So Much Camp $hit is Worth It

It was this time 32 years ago that my mom was packing slightly frayed towels, sunscreen and bug spray chock with weird chemicals and a collection of my already worn shorts and T-shirts to go to overnight camp for the first time. I was 9 and went with some trepidation. Just one postcard home (“Can... Read more »

When Blue and Pink Make Silver. See ya, Gender Stereotypes!

At my daughter’s 1st birthday, she was gifted the biggest, fullest, greatest bag of Lego Duplo building blocks ever. They were only pink and purple. And then just a couple of years later she was gifted a big-girl Lego set, and again, they were pink and purple. Yes, I was mommy-ing a little girl, but... Read more »

All I Really Need to Know I’m STILL Learning in Kindergarten

Even though I graduated kindergarten more than 35 years ago, this school year I got many opportunities to squat down into a tiny chair and learn. My little man is on the cusp of kindy graduation, and the depth of knowledge we’ve each gained this year is remarkable. I thought it wise to share some... Read more »

Have you Hugged (or Thanked) a Teacher Today?

Officially Teacher Appreciation Week isn’t until early May. I’m not a teacher, but I’m guessing that’s the time of the year when most teachers need a boost the most. That week is like a Red Bull — it provides a little buzz, a little energy for the final push ‘til closing time. Again, I’m not... Read more »

Why I Quit My Job During a Recession and What I Needed To Make It Happen

Sometimes you just have to take a leap. Right? You have to chase what makes you happy and eliminate things that don’t. Right? I guess without knowing it, I’ve had the Grateful Girl perspective for much longer than I realize. I’ve always looked for the bright side, cherished people for what they give me, not... Read more »

Move Over, Madame Tussauds, the 3rd Grade Nailed It! Simone Biles Says So, Too!

On the first day of 3rd grade, my little lady proclaimed: “We get to do wax museum this year!” This excitement sprung from one afternoon in 2nd grade when she got to wander up and down rows and rows of students dressed as famous figures, giving memorized, biographical speeches without slipping out of character for... Read more »

Unsweetened Black Iced Tea with a Splash of Authenticity

For a lot of people, including me, Starbucks is an oasis at the beginning, middle or early afternoon of a busy day. No matter where we are, a Starbucks feels familiar, comforting and satisfying, even if a complicated, over-priced latte isn’t your thing. That smiley green mermaid greets you with something familiar, comforting and satiating.... Read more »