Miscommunication Affects Relationships

Miscommunication Affects Relationships

Women of all ages love to express themselves, and sometimes the words we say are misspoken or misinterpreted and the person on the other end – our friends, family, spouses, service workers – can get their feelings hurt.

Miscommunication affects us all and can ruin relationships. I know this statement to be true. I have—or rather, had—a close friend. We shared laughter, dressing rooms, travels, problems, politics, movie reviews and children issues. We shared everything. We do not live in the same city and were a late-in-life friendship. But we saw each other quite often and talked on the phone weekly. And then a problem arose between us. The problem is not important. The way it was handled is the lesson.

I have learned that the only way to work out a problem is face to face. The phone and notes (emails, letters, text messages) lead to MISCOMMUNICATION. It certainly did in this situation. TEACH THIS TO YOUR GRANDDAUGHTERS. Always meet in person when there is a conflict.

I now know what to do now: Confront a negative situation immediately and head on. Do not procrastinate. Call your girlfriend as soon as you can. Tell her why you want to meet. Make a date for coffee. Immediately validate your friend's feelings, and then ask to have your feelings validated. If the other person is not receptive, you know you tried. Your burden is lifted. Hopefully you will be able to resume your close relationship. Realize that "stuff happens."

We women need to be sure to communicate with one another effectively because miscommunication can happen to all of us, especially in our female relationships. Often times, women let their feelings build up instead of sharing and explaining it in person. If you have a problem with a sister, mother, daughter, or friend where you are carrying a burden, maybe you might want to pick up the phone and make a date to COMMUNICATE!

Do something GOOD today: Get fitted for new shoes, because walking a mile in someone else’s can teach you a lot about their journey.


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