Travel Tips | My Trip to London with my Grandson

Travel Tips | My Trip to London with my Grandson

Travel... the anticipation... the itinerary... the airport... the trip... the grandchild… the end result.

My husband, Shelly, and I decided to go to Europe with a grandchild!  We had a number of things to decide on, like what age grandchild we would take.  Where would we go?

Travel Tips from Gramma Good:

  1. LONDON is where we chose to go. Why? English is the spoken language. Questions can be asked by the grandchild and answered by the people of the country. We took a grandson. Why? Because he was the oldest of the group so as not to show favoritism. His age was 15.
  2. We always use a TRAVEL AGENT. One who has traveled the world. Not one who books trips by “reading” the computer for information. A trip is special and costly! It is best to use the best so you will see the best and be happy with the outcome. Let the agent know your budget up front. A good agent makes a good trip!
  3. Make certain that you check your PASSPORTS to ensure there is more than six months remaining before the expiration date. You cannot travel with only three months left on a passport. It is against the law. We had that experience when traveling. Fortunately, it came up in conversation just before our trip!  We were lucky. We would have had to cancel. We found a one day service to tend to our lack of knowledge.
  4. TRAVEL TO THE AIRPORT. A must: be there two hours early! Leave your home in plenty of time for an emergency. We traveled to the airport to find our luggage had not been put in the trunk by our doorman! Fortunately, we arrived in time to have our luggage sent by taxi to a meeting place at departures! Make sure you have the identification number of the taxi before allowing your luggage to travel alone! I do not know what you would do if baggage was left at home with no one there! Suggestion: always check your trunk twice!
  5. THE ITINERARY should be left with a family member.
  6.  Our grandson loved his trip! We went to the Globe Theatre to see a Shakespeare play. We went to the theatre district, the Tower of London, Parliament, The Tate, the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace as well the palace, and on to Big Ben and London Bridge, The War Museum (which is a must!), Churchill’s War Room, the large Ferris wheel ride, and of course, Westminster Abby!

Our grandson was not bored for a minute. The three of us never lacked for interesting conversation. There was just one exciting event after another. And though my husband and I had been to London before, we enjoyed reliving the trip with our grandson.

London is a perfect place to travel with a grandchild. There is a commonality of language and history between our countries and there are so many exciting places to see.

Please let us grammas know successful trips you have taken with your grandchild, advice you can pass on, travel tricks to make traveling easier, problems to avoid and your grandchild’s favorite trip and why?

Do something GOOD today: Ask your grandchild about one place they’d like to visit.


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